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Describe the major phases in the SDLC a Planning The why in an information system should be built by setting up a strategy b Analysis Logically thinking who will use the system what the system will do and where and when it will be used c Design Decides how the system will operate physically in terms of hardware software and network infrastructure that will be needed d Implementation The phase that gets the most attention where everything is built and tested 2 Describe the principal steps in the planning phase What are the major deliverables a Project Initiation i Develop a system request ii Conduct a feasibility analysis b Project Management i Develop work plan ii Staffing the project iii Control and direct the project c Deliverables System request s statements declared scenario s and project plans 3 Describe the principal steps in the analysis phase What are the major deliverables a Develop analyst strategy b Gather requirements c Develop a system proposal d Deliverables Revised plans and collaboration with team members 4 Describe the principal steps in the design phase What are the major deliverables a Develop a design strategy b Develop architecture and interfaces c Develop databases and file specifications d Develop the program design e Deliverables System plan 5 Describe the principal steps in the implementation phase What are the major deliverables a Construct System b Install system i Implement a training plan for the users c Establish a support plan d Deliverables Programs user manuals for users and supporters 6 What are the roles of a project sponsor and the approval committee a 

A project sponsor is a person or department requests for the project Approval committee is a committee which decides who will do the project 7 What does gradual refinement mean in the context of SDLC a Going back and understanding and fixing previously done work while following SDLC They ll go back and change these ideas after getting more information 8 Compare and contrast extreme programming and throwaway prototyping a Extreme Programming values communication simplicity feedback and courage This helps provide a foundation in creating a system Throwaway prototyping instead uses analysis All steps are reviewed to reanalyze design and build a prototype Both do share these traits but both are more districted with the listed attributes listed above 9 Describe the major elements in and issues with waterfall development a Moves from one step to the next without coming back to fix previous steps This is useful when there is a new influx of developers that are entry level to gain experience The issue is that developers don't come back to previous steps to refine them 10 Describe the major elements in and issues with parallel development a The project is divided into sub projects that are all created together and integrated into one bigger project Kind of the divide and conquer ideal which can save some time Issues are that if the sub projects aren t done same pace then sub projects overlap affect each other 11 Describe the major elements in and issues with phased development a It splits up the system into a set of steps that are developed one after the other 

When first step is done the second step of development is started Once step 2 is done work begins on step 3 and it continues Problems with this method are that team members may run into bugs or a lack of needed features to officially complete tasks 12 Describe the major elements in and issues with prototyping a Prototyping is giving quick feedback and evaluation to clients Issues that arise in prototyping are that there are limitations with how the final initial design might run Causing delay and frustration 13 Describe the major elements in and issues with throw away prototyping a Throw away prototyping helps users clarify requirements then it is discarded but its requirements are incorporated into system Good for picking out useful pieces to the project Some issues are the possibility of losing simple but powerful ideas when editing 14 Describe the major elements in and issues with XP a Building a project for the client fulfilling all their wants XP usually has team members working close with clients and exchanging feedback Issue s with XP is that without having a solid team Members are sometimes left out of discussion which leads to conflict in timing 15

Describe the major elements in and issues with Scrum a Issue with scrum depends if the scrum can scale up to develop very large systems It s kind of a risky strategy but appropriate to certain developers clients Organization in scrums is from holding meetings to further teamwork 16 What are the key factors in selecting a methodology a Methodology is selected based on the company's guidelines programmer s knowledge and preferences for tools and programs and the time when the project makes deadlines 17 What is the Unified Modeling Language UML a Grady Booch James Rumbaugh and Ivar Jacobson developed this standard of notation for the modeling of real world objects as a first step in developing an object oriented design methodology 18 Why is it important for an OOSAD approach to be architecture centric a Modern approaches for systems analysis and design should be architecture centric OOSAD supports this with at least three solid architectural views to make it architecture cetric i functional ii static iii dynamic

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