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The whole system of Vinci 2 0 is designed by making use of quad core cortex A7 processor which is for providing support for various things like Wi Fi 3G and connectivity option for Bluetooth Mitra and Gilbert 2014 Amazon Alexa is embedded into this Vinci 2 0 headphone which can easily provide option for various things like phone calls listening to favorite song making a call to Uber and easy tracking of workouts In the coming pages of report two import factors like key design principle and potential function performance of this product has been discussed in details Discussion Key Design principle which are used in Vinci 2 0 Vinci 2 0 is the world s smart headphone which is built by making use of Artificial Intelligence AI assistant which makes use of hardware and algorithm based on network learning There are generally two display which are available that allow interaction with the UI and easily look into the information is being provided to it Apart from this user can easily perform a lot of function by providing gesture to change volume skip to the next song providing play and pause when the user is listening to it Etter Grossglauser and Thiran 2013 This ultimately relates to fact or idea user just need to have a voice command for listening to music It is built in such a way that it can easily collect and monitor or analyze data of various parameter namely rate of heart beat live streaming of music voice assistant coaching for fitness and various sensors related to health Designer of Vinci have designed this headphone in such a way that it can easily integrate and improvise of music experience in the life of people The firm has a goal to transform the way the people listen to music with considering the idea or fact with the method the people makes an interaction with the outside world during listening of music

The headphone is designed in such a 3 GROUP DESIGN PROJECT way that user can easily check weather get directions and provide order by making use of headphone Steinberg 2012 Vinci 2 0 are considered to be more than just an earphone In many cases they are seen to act like computers or smartphone It is powered by quad core processor with a 1GB of RAM With technical features like this device can easily improvise the voice control for playing various kinds of songs making calls asking for state of health and is synchronized with amazon Alexa Vinci 2 0 is the world s first headphone by making use of 3G cellular technique and connectivity by making use of Wi Fi Qiu 2013 The headphone is designed to be sleek stylish and lightweight and very comfortable to wear Potential functions of Vinci 2 0 Vinci 2 0 is a standalone headphone which support Bluetooth 3G and Wi Fi for performing a large number of function like streaming of music making calls getting proper direction and lastly search for information without the need of any kind of phone This headphone has a local storage with the help of this one can easily listen to music without making use of internet The headphone is fully controlled by voice so that the user does not need to make use of hand for carrying out various kinds of activities like changing of music Groshoff 2014 It provides real time recommendation for music during various activities like workout This is world first headphone which comes with gesture control technique

The headphone is designed in such a way that it can provide loud and clear noise irrespective of environment Vinci 2 0 provide detail information to the user about the functioning of heart and amount of calories burned during a workout The headphone is designed in such a way that user and easily share its track with other Vinci user through wireless medium It has eight noise cancellation mode and user can easily choose a particular one as per their need or requirement It is built with 3D surround sound technology It is designed in such a way that it provides a tight and comfortable grip to the neck 4 GROUP DESIGN PROJECT of the user Xiao et al 2014 It is powered by Alexa by the help of which users can easily ask for directions listen to current news at anytime and anyplace It provides detail and accurate information regarding the weather of a particular place It is integrated with maps so that it can provide the shortest distance between place in minimum amount of time Conclusion From the above discussion it can be easily concluded that the report focus on the Vinci 2 0 headphone from the technology categories of Kickstarter Two of the important factors like key design principle and potential function of performance has been discussed in detail in the above pages of the report Vinci 2 0 has two models of display in which user can easily interact with the provided UI and easily look into the headphone This headphone provides a platform in which user can perform a list of gesture by simply moving their hand for various activities like changing of volume skipping of songs pausing and playing of songs

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