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Doss refused to kill an enemy soldier or carry a weapon into combat because of his personal beliefs Even though everyone around Doss pushed him to hold a weapon he stood his ground and ended up never holding a weapon This is one part of Desmond Doss s moral courage he stood up for what he believed in even if others thought it was wrong The story begins here When Desmond Doss was around the age of 7 him and his brother got into a fight Whoever lost their father would beat Desmond was losing badly in the spur of the moment desmond grabbed a brick and hit his brother in the head with it The family thought Harold The brother was dead Desmond was so shocked by his actions he then proceeded to look at God s 6th commandment You shall not commit murder Harold ended up just being heavily bruised Desmond s father William Was an very abusive person he would beat his kids and his wife Desmond said When he beat us referring to him and his brother I could deal with it But when he touched mama that s when it needed to stop When Desmond was older maybe his older teenage years He walked in on William about to shoot Bertha Mother Desmond quickly grabbed the gun and proceed to point the gun at William wanting to pull the trigger Desmond had a strong belief in the 6th commandment so he did not shoot Years later he found love with a nurse at there local hospital Dorothy Doss 

They fell in love at first sight He then enlisted and planned to marry Dorothy when got he out of camp During camp he excelled in all of the activities but when he did rifle training he would stand on the side to watch Desmond Doss was harassed a lot during boot camp according to the article Desmond Doss The unlikely hero behind Hacksaw Ridge it states Many of the other recruits threw shoes at him while he prayed and they tried to have him transferred out of their unit On the final day of boot camp when he was going to be approved to go to war he was stopped They said he was not allowed to pass because he did not complete all the courses He then said No to using a rifle he almost went to jail if it wasn t for his father that got him out of the mess In late April 1945 26 year old Doss was called up to help fight near Urasoe Mura Okinawa My mom and dad were stationed here Desmonds job was to climb up a 400 foot cliff named Hacksaw Ridge Ironic that s the name of the movie On top of the cliff awaited thousands of heavily armed japanese soldiers who hid in holes and caves waiting to attack Throughout the War Doss would treat wounds right in front of the enemy which may I add were heavily armed unfazed by the fact he could be shot at any second Around a week into the fight Doss was the only Medic left to advance with the rest of the men who were close to taking the ridge from the enemy It was his Sabbath but Doss joined his men anyway just as the Japanese pointed bombs and other heavy weapons on them The Strong attack left many dead or wounded soldiers The salvaged Americans were driven back down Hacksaw Ridge that is except for Doss Doss stayed up on the top treating the wounded and lowered them down from the cliff to safety Every time Doss treated a wounded person and lowered them to safety he would say Dear God let me get just one more man this was all in the withspan of hours By nightfall he rescued a total of 75 soldiers including his past harassers from Boot camp 

His courage didn t stop there though Doss was seriously injured in the leg by a grenade Instead of calling another medic for help he treated himself and waited hours to be rescued As he was being carried back to and aid station his unit was attacked yet again Doss then proceeded to have another man take his place on the stretcher so he could return to his unit As Doss continued his route on foot he was hit by a sniper injuring his arm He made a split out of a rifle stock Creative Then ended up walking to an aid Treatment According to the article Desmond Doss The unlikely hero behing HackSaw Ridge In October 1945 Doss was brought back to the states to treat his wounds He was then taken straight to Washington D C where President Harry Truman placed the Medal of Honor around his neck Doss also received the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star all without harming another human being As for the men who had harassed him during boot camp They had nothing but praise for him after the war According to the Article Desmond Doss The unlikely hero behind Hacksaw Ridge it states He was one of the bravest persons alive and then to have him end up saving my life was the irony of the whole thing said Capt Jack Glover in a documentary about Doss life Glover had wanted Doss out of the unit when he first joined up Doss died in 2006 at the age of 87 He was always proud of his service saying being a medic was the most rewarding work there is Not only has Desmond Doss inspired me but also thousands of others Doss taught me how to stick up for myself and stand up for what I believe in even if others think it is wrong Doss s strong belief is religion Dear God let me get just one more man We

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