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Abstract Developing a communications policy is beneficial to startup companies and small businesses as well as large corporations The information contained in this report is suggested as an example communications strategy for a small sole proprietorship soon to open as a courier service Elements outlined in the plan include key points such as purpose and scope internal and external communication and monitoring of communication flows Use of media tools and techniques and an explanation of appropriate approvals are all identified in an effort to provide clarity to interested stakeholders It is prudent to establish strong communications standards and clearly relay this to pertinent audiences The reader should expect to see information as it applies to written and oral messages cell phone use social websites and other factors that relate to effective communication in the workplace The name of the company in question is Wheel Be Right There Inc and from here on in will be referred to as WBRT The goal of this business is to provide local courier and delivery services for business owners and citizens who may need items delivered 

The audience is not large for this small start up business and the communications policy will require revising as technology advances and the company grows Communications Policy Objectives The communications strategy presented is a basic plan for a sole proprietorship at the onset of its existence The strategy begins with identifying the intended audience and identifies the types of messages to be discussed In regard to messages language texting email usage and phone calls are highlighted in order to specify delivery methods and expectations Tools and activities such as social networking and internet use are highlighted as they are important in communicating with clients and the community Initially there are no staff members employed with this company but vendors service providers and clients are interested in knowing what to expect from businesses in which they associate Communication during periods of change is important and a basic plan for sharing this vital information is included within the overall policy in advance of any such situation The topics covered in the change communication plan include company procedures addition of services and the handling of confidential information The following strategic plan for WBRT is recommended as follows Communications Policy 1 Purpose Wheel Be Right There is dedicated to effectively communicating with clients restaurant personnel store clerks and service providers in a manner that builds respect and fosters long term relationships In the strategic plan that follows the focus is on the core value of integrity as it relates to connecting service providers with clients through communication The purpose of this communication strategy is solely to provide information pertaining to the policies and expectations of communication as seen by the proprietor 

The policy does not include communications between employees but will be revisited and revised prior to adding staff members to the ranks This policy also is in no way meant to address direct customer complaints or to insinuate any promise of confidentiality Sector Connect staff 2008 There is no intention of outlining legal guidelines or reveal how information is handled by the company 2 Audiences Individual citizens WBRT is committed to delivering items needed and maintaining open lines of communication in order to fill each order in a timely and satisfactory manner Local businesses WBRT is dedicated to effectively determining the needs of each business through effective communication Restaurants Retail grocery stores and Consignment shop owners WBRT is devoted to promoting these shops that are frequented by our clients within the local community Word of mouth advertising is considered extremely valuable to this company and if clients trust an establishment we trust that judgement 3 Types of messages Written Communication is shared in writing through social network pages and a monthly newsletter is currently under construction Texting to inform clients of current special offers may become an option as growth permits Normally E mail is the communication channel of choice for exchanging information within organizations Guffey 2007 WBRT uses email correspondence solely to inform clients of special offers as there are no employees in which to communicate in this manner 

Verbal Communicating verbally is expected to be conducted through phone calls and face to face interactions during the order and delivery process Collectively Whether written or verbal communication is to be professional and respectful It is important to WBRT to show integrity by omitting foul language keeping promises and listening actively to the needs of all interested parties At such a time when hiring more staff is necessary communication skills will be included in the training program Managers contribute to employee engagement by performing basic management functions planning organizing controlling leading but also through using good communication skills helping employees develop and working collaboratively with employees Noe 2009 pg 24 One on one training is possible in a sole proprietorship and is the preferred method of the business owner

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