Essay Example on Developing a system for the implementation of the Goals








Call for developing a system for the implementation of the goals follow up and review of the progress being made a Agency and Expert Group that discusses SDG indicators i Countries should use UNIDA backed SDG indicators and focus around 2 indicators on each target ii A gap analysis should be carried out to Meta analyze SDG indicator studies and benchmarks b Reviews should come at national levels such as the SDG Progress Report to address the implementation strategies at national levels in national parliaments 2 Emphasizes the need to Collaboration of UN Trust Fund for most of the afforestation projects in developing nations Aforestation should be done on the model of S T T in deforested areas sustainable transplantation of trees in deforested areas Funding would be done by developed nations and UN trust fund for 15 years or until 23percent forest in a country is achieved Certain forests should only get reserve for industrial usage Sustainable growth of forest should be encouraged

Laws be implemented to prevent illegal cutting of trees Laws be implemented to ban large machines for cutting of trees as they kill smaller plants Contour ploughing methods of farming should be practised in this way forest will not be deforested 3 Draws attention that air pollution causes 5 5 million deaths per year a Smog filtering towers pollutant absorbing towers should be planted to treat 30 000 cubic meters of air per hour b Local government should make sure that every factory should use this smog filtering tower Affirms that land pollution is a major reason for climate change and therefore needed to be solved 4 Support developing countries to strengthen their scientific and technological capacity to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production funded by UNIDA a Develop and implement tools to monitor sustainable development impacts for sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products By 2030 substantially reduce waste generation through prevention reduction recycling and reuse Encourage companies especially large and transnational companies to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable in accordance with national policies and priorities 5 Calls upon for frequent reduction in carbon emissions by motor vehicles by opting following solutions In order to reduce air pollution catalytic converter should be installed in automobiles which will reduce emission of three harmful glasses namely Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen oxide and Hydrocarbons b Developed countries should encourage the use of hybrid cars and electric cars c Usage of public transport should be encouraged by local governments d bicycle s usage should be encouraged

6 URGES the committee to look into matter of water pollution seriously a PropThat er dumping of sewage waste should be practised by adopting S S D O SUSTAINABLE SEWAGE DUMPING IN OCEANS by this only 100 000 tonnes of treated sewage waste should be thrown into the sea if it crosses its limits than fine should be imposed on that particular country 7 ENDROSES The employment provision program E P P should be taken in action in order to eradicate poverty by Creating new job opportunities increasing wages UNDP to work with business councils of countries and do surveys as to what skills employers look for 8 DRAWS ATTENTION That research and development programs can play an integral part inorder to reduce the use of non renewable resources by a Bilateral talks to exchange ideas about technology and shifting to renewable resources to provide energy should be taken into consideration so that developing countries can move towards sustainable ways to produce energy 9 URGES That there should be implementation of Article 26 of UDHR which states that everyone has right to aquire basic education thus P F A E L E D N program for funding to create awareness to eradicate lack of education in developing nations should be implemented which is a four tier system which will work in the following way a UNICEF will work with local NGOs in order to provide education in countries where its is needed to most UNICEF will provide funds to build proper schools UNICEF will help to provide international standards of education b UNESCO will train teachers according to universal methods of teachings in areas where there are untrained teachers especially in African region c

Funds will be provided by UNICEF UNESCO UNDP s trust funds 10 DRAWS ATTENTION that there is lack of proper sanitation facilities in most of the underdeveloped countries which causes serious serious health problems thus implementation of PPSFUND providing proper sanitation facilities in underdeveloped countries which will work accordingly this program will work under WHO WHO will collaborate with loal NGOs in order to raise awareness regarding usage of proper sanitation methods will allow building up of public toilets loans without any interest should be provided to people who are interested to build toilets in their houses 11 REQUESTS that there is an urgent need to prioritize few SDGs as short term plan not more than of 3 years so that they could work efficiently to achieve them under the S A I F model support acceleration initiatives and funding which is a four tier system which will work in this way it will provide support to the willing countries who wants to involve SDGs in their NDPs it will accelerate the process of achieving those goals under this process UNDP will provide incentives to these countries who are interested in adopting SAIF model funding will be done in order to help countries to achieve them without any financial barriers funding will be done by UNDP WHO and interested member states

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