The Case of Syrian Refugee Students IN Background Language planning is a common problem among multilingual societies Western countries claim that migrants will assimilate into their new society and they have to speak that new language in order to get into the society they live but Ferguson argues that the size of minority residential communities enables that many of their members will be able to live out their lives using only or predominantly the minority language and also by the tendency of migrants to maintain closer and more regular connections with their countries of origin Ferguson 2006 So language planning has to be done in multilingual countries in order to avoid adaptation problems and provide prosperity and unity in the country A great number of studies have been done concerning language planning Some of them achieved their goals on the other side some of these studies failed Gonzalez mentions failure of language planning in Philippines in his research He states that 120 mutually unintelligible Philippine languages in use the islands 99 of population speak Filipino and more than 50 know English 

The problem in that country is that the official language is supposed to be Filipino but in fact English dominates and continues to be language of government business and education According to Gonzalez there has been language planning but not implementation or realization Gonzalez 2003 Another study has been done by Roda Bencells in 2009 In this paper he examined current situation of LPP in regards to education in Catalonia Spain Researcher states that the model of educational linguistic policy in Catalonia inspired by the Canadian model Quebec which aims at a balanced bilingualism Following Hornberger’s analysis tool LPP has been carried out in Catalonia in terms of corpus status and acquisition planning Catalan citizens obtained a right to know and use of their own language but in reality the level of command of Catalan language that is still poorer than that of the Spanish language According to Roda Bencells Catalan LPP has deficiencies and this LPP should be revised again Roda Bencell 2009 In South Korea the number of North Korea refugee students are increasing day by day and Lee investigates the current situation and uses a micro language planning perspective to examine North Korean refugee students responses to the governmental language support programs He uses content analysis and homogeneous sampling fort his research 

As a result he reveals that the macrolevel language support programs that are designed by the official organizations of the host countries often neglect the microlevel voices of these disempowered so according to Lee micro language planning should be part of future studies of language support programs for refugee resettlement populations Lee 2016

As a final example Groff deals with India s situation She also uses Hornberger s classification to show language planning goals Similar to others LPP is not sufficient and successful in this country She says that National level language and language in education planning in India whether implicitly or explicitly fails to legitimize many minority languages minimizing some of the nation's rich diversity She also implys that India's linguistic varieties should be legitimized counted as languages given the status they deserve and promoted in education Groff 2017 II Research Questions a Which language should be preferential in education of Syrian students their native language or Turkish It is one of the contradictory topics which is came to the fore by our politicians 

They just try to impress Turkish culture and language on Syrian students but it is need to be questioned whether they need mother tongue education right in order to be adapted a new culture and comprehend a new language or not b What are the linguistic challenges that Syrian refugee students face in spite of existing language support programs GEM Project or Yeni Bir Dil Yeni Bir Başlangış Project It has to be observed whether these programs are sufficient or not According to data necessary regulations should be done c

How efficiently these supports address the challenges of these students Language planning should not be just exist theoretically on the contrary it should be carried out in practice The plans which we are going to prepare should be need based and helpful III Data and Data Analysis In order to check the current language situation of Syrian refugee students I will use a micro language planning perspective to find out whether existing language support programs are sufficient or not Lee 2016 The collected data will be analysed using content analysis My research is consists of two main phases language autobiographies and individual interviews For the first phase 50 high school Syrian refugee students will take part in this study and they will be asked to write about in Turkish focusing on the following questions How are the Arabic and Turkish languages different What was the easiest most difficult part of learning Turkish What was the most memorable moment when you learned Turkish Do you have difficulties to follow your instructors when s he gives lecture in Turkish For the second phase there will not be number restriction the students who took part in the first phase can be volunteer for the second one but they had to be attended GEM or Yeni Bir Dil Yeni Bir Başlangıç projects In this phase my purpose is to reveal linguistic difficulties mentioned by Syrian refugee students Individual interviews will be organized and similar questions will be asked But more specifically the questions will be asked about their perceptions of the current language support programmes for the Syrian refugee students The interviews will be in Turkish and last approximately one hour

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