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Development With the increase in population there is an increase in consumption of energy Renewing and expanding our system and infrastructure to ensure a reliable supply of energy into the future is the best possible development one could have Our current major projects including 1 Bipole III Transmission Line 2 Keeyask Generating Station 3 Manitoba Minnesota Transmission Line Transmission expansion outlines our mid size projects designed to expand and enhance our electrical and natural gas services https www hydro mb ca projects index shtml Customization Repairing replacing and upgrading our stations and equipment around the province is what a system renewal does in Manitoba hydro Typical projects include electrical and or natural gas measures that will Use more efficient equipment or systems Recover and reuse energy that is currently lost Reduce the rate of energy consumption by systems or equipment in low occupancy periods Eliminate unnecessary energy use by shutting off idling or unneeded equipment Capture and use solar energy for heating air or water https www hydro mb ca your_business custom_measures Metric development The energy which gets saved is sold on our export markets for using it judiciously 

These savings contribute to Manitoba Hydro s ability to have amongst the lowest rates in North America In addition the exported electricity which is generated with clean hydro power replaces coal generated electricity thereby reducing the carbon footprint of electricity generation The IDT was determined to not simply save energy but to set out to prove that a new paradigm of Integrated Design would yield the most economically efficient model Demonstrations As part of our Bio energy Optimization Program we developed bio energy demonstration projects with real world applications that will enhance the operational efficiencies of several Manitoba industrial and agricultural businesses Syngas Manitoba Hydro collaborated with Pineland Forest Nursery and Community Power Corporation to develop a Syngas Demonstration Project at Hadashville Manitoba Waste head Manitoba Hydro collaborated with Spruce Products Limited and Waste Gas Power to develop a Waste Heat Demonstration Project at Spruce Products lumber sawmill in Swan River Manitoba Pilots They are responsible for ensuring that electricity reaches your home and also read and maintain your meter Making an Appointment with Manitoba Hydro in Pilot Mound is an imperative thing Audit Auditors will examine the management practices that identify measure and monitor risk at the Crown owned utility In February 2K17 the Public Utilities Board raised concerns about the amount of risk the company was taking related to its ambitious construction plans Manitoba Hydro has construction plans that include an estimated 18 billion for dams and a high voltage transmission power line from northern generating stations to the south 

The auditor general s office has the power to examine documents and call witnesses Quality Investigation If a power quality PQ problem issue is identified and you feel that our utility may be the source monitoring is installed by us at the Point of Common Coupling PCC Benchmark Once you have installed or if you re planning to install a significant non linear load or a power factor correction capacitor bank we will offer to establish the baseline power quality PQ characteristics of your electrical service at the Point of Common Coupling PCC Assessment Monitoring is installed at the PCC and possibly at lower voltage levels to try to identify the source and magnitude of any PQ problems Audit An audit includes an in depth power quality PQ survey the electrical distribution and grounding system Information services evaluation of new technologies involving the mitigation of plant PQ related problems Advisory services with respect to integrating your load with our utility transmission grid Evaluation of new or advanced non linear equipment with respect to PQ issues within your plant https www hydro mb ca your_business large_business_solutions power_quality index shtml Deficiencies Identification High winds and downed trees have resulted in power outages in many area of the province Manitoba Hydro also warned people to be cautious around downed power lines Customer Service Call us 24 7 to report electric or natural gas emergencies

Can mail them between 8 a m to 6 p m Always ready to serve for the needs of the customers Performance Increased system efficiency reduced energy consumption Greater reliability reduced maintenance Improved financial performance Reduced environmental impact Invoicing Sign up for My Bill and manage your account information securely online My Bill is paper free less clutter and better for the environment For watching your bill online you need your account number and the number from one of your meters Payments are accepted at our head office at 360 Portage Ave System Improvements Manitoba Hydro states it requires these outages to safely upgrade the primary distribution system s voltage from 4 000 volts to 12 000 volts This will increase power stability reduce voltage fluctuations and improve the operation of machinery and electronic equipment connected to the system Upgrading For upgrading you need to submit a valid application and shall take a permit Upgrading to a 200 amp electrical service and running electrical wiring to serve an electric furnace or baseboard heaters would be a cost to install new heating system Education Power electricians construct maintain and commission electrical apparatus used in electrical power generation transmission distribution and converter systems During your training you will be rotated to different work locations and may spend considerable time away from home at the corporation s expense

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