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Dictatorship is a form of government in which one person has power and control of a state or country The definition of a dictator is a political leader who has total power and uses it to repress and brutalize people In other words dictators abuse their power and are not using power for good There is a long list of dictators who are known throughout history for being bad such as Muammar Gaddafi Saddam Hussein Kim Jong il Idi Amin Bashar al Assad Nicola Maduro Fulgencio Batista and Manuel Noriega just to name a few For this essay Adolf Hitler will be used to prove that dictatorship is always bad and its effect economically politically and socially In terms of political impact Hitler s goal was to gain total control of Germany within less than 2 years His plan started with the Reichtag Fire in February 1933 which persuaded Article 48 to destroy the communist party Followed by the Enabling act that same year in March which was the intimidation of the parliament to give Hitler the role of being chancellor of Germany enabling him to make independent decisions from the President Next was the One Party Rule in July 1933 which is when Hitler created the Nazi Party which he declared to be the only legal party and he disregarded any other government parties and involvement At this point Germany had now become Nazi Germany In Jun 1934 the Night of the Long Knives is when Hitler gained control of the army and made them pledge an oath of allegiance to him 

The final Step was in August 1934 when Hitler combined the role of president and chancellor to a position known as the Fuhrer and at this moment Hitler created the position of the Fuhrer and gained total access and control Germany in effort to one day conquer the world and expand the Nazi regime Under the Nazis the German economy actually experinced some improvement although it wasn t really a great improvement since it helped the Nazis more than the German people There was re employment and big industries were taking off which benifited the german economy while on the other hand the state controlled trade unions barley any leisure time was given and most of the big industries were producing weapons for the war With the removal of trade unions workers were forced to work for the German Workers Front which was a controlled Nazi organization They would be killed if they refused to work or wanted to negotiate another job State control of leisure time was seen through the Strength through Joy sheme and the Beauty of Labour movement Propaganda played a huge role in getting people to work and keep working Militarisation also created jobs such as in its modernising air force the Luftwaffe Jobs were aslo created due to conscription Socially germany was under complete control by the Nazis known as the totalitarian regime

Hitler introduced censorship which meant that the Nazis look over everything and prohibited and restricted people from doing things such listening to foreign news punishment is death and all poets musicians writers and artists would be screened by the Nazis to be aproved They wanted everything thing to be about the Nazis and the war This is why they had censorship and propaganda Porpaganda played a huge part in how Hitler took advantage and mislead the German people He established a ministry of propaganda with his right hand man Joseph Goebbels Its focus was to emphasize nationalism The SS was used in the concentration camps where Jews and people who rebeled Hitler and the Nazi party would be tortured and killed SS officers were potrayed as the ideal Aryan race being blond haired blue eyed and tall 

The Gestapo was Germany s secret police and were responsible for keeping evryone in place They would spy on people who were suspected to be anti Hitler and would arrested and killed The genocide of the Jews was a result of Hitler potraying them as a disease rather than a race and that they polluted germany As a result every Jew had to wear a star of David arm band and have a Jew identification card Other minorities were targeted such as gypsies homosexuals and disabled people both mental and physical Babies were also seen as usless to the Nazis Many Jews were killed at camps and in events such as the night of the broken glass where Nazis went around ghettos trashing and burning Jewish homes and buisnesses and killing every Jew in sight Women were just good for making and raising children in order for them to join the Hitler Youth and one they join the military They would be brainwashed by Nazi ideologies to hate Jews Hitler would even make chilren tell the Gestapo if their parents were against Hitler

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