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Strict lane management Different lanes for different types of vehicles should be marked on the roads and law i e financial penalty should be imposed to make the drivers maintain the lane discipline A developing assemblage of confirmation demonstrates that movement clog issues can t be tackled basically by extending the street framework In this way numerous nations are attempting to deal with their current transportation frameworks to enhance versatility wellbeing and movement streams and to decrease interest for vehicle utilize Experience and specialized research have exhibited that when appropriately connected measures taken to deal with the current transportation framework can profoundly affect trip production conduct and movement clog A wide cluster of innovations for mechanized and non motorized transport and financial and managerial strategies have been utilized effectively around the globe to oversee blockage and congestion These measures which are refer to by and large as blockage administration are intended to enhance the working proficiency of the current transportation framework its foundation modes and administrations in three ways a By expanding the utilization of elective transportation modes including public transport and bicycling strolling b By altering trip patterns through the application of measures such as land use policies alternative work schedule arrangements telecommuting and pricing c By improving traffic flow through measures such as route guidance systems traffic signal improvements and incident management 

2 Public transportation Public transportation should be made more comfortable and good so that people use them instead of private cars or cabs Uber Careem and other cab services have provided good facilities to citizen as they are giving opportunity to earn well so people are deploying their cars into them but the adverse effect of this is the increase in number of vehicles on road again the planning issue comes right in front that the city planners should know that how much vehicles should be allotted to control the percentage of vehicles on roads if a road with capacity of 2000 vehicles is flooded with 4000 vehicles it will definitely cause traffic congestion no matter how perfect the road is 3 Construction work Construction work should be done much faster we have seen in recent days that few of the main city roads Including University Road Shahra e Faisal and Highway link road were being constructed but the managing departments totally messed up the situation the roads were ploughed months before they could be actually repaired No Secondary routes were allotted due to which citizen faced a lot of problems So to finish off well the construction should be done in night time after10 00 am to 4 00 am when there is less 4 Installing Sensors

 The initial phase in moderating rush hour gridlock clog is to evaluate the measure of activity on the connection at any specific time A typical strategy is to put sensors out and about and tally the quantity of times they are incited by the passing wheels of a vehicle This approach experiences four fundamental issues a it is costly to convey as the sensors should be mostly implanted in the landing area b the sensors out and about are inclined to robbery c sensors should be set at various section and leave focuses out and about to keep up exact checks and d even on a solitary extend of street the sensors should be put at consistent interims in order to assess the thickness on various fragments of the street Various expressways developed in the earlier decade contain CCTV cameras to screen the constant movement circumstance along the parkway Customary techniques for activity estimation uses these CCTV camera pictures for vehicle checking and base front estimation In spite of the fact that these systems are exceptionally tricky and incorrect in such pictures on account of their exceedingly boisterous nature and diminished capacity to confine vehicle attributes 

Alongside low quality CCTV cameras the procedure experience the ill effects of three noteworthy issues a low camera determination bringing about profoundly boisterous pictures b movement camera s restricted field of view and c light brightening from numerous reflecting sources contorting vehicle arrangement capacities The recognition instrument is partitioned into two sections a day time also an evening time estimation philosophy The two instruments are distinctive because of the high ecological contrasts which comes about into two diverse picture preparing systems Aside from the ecological contrasts vehicle s front light and announcement enlightenment adds significant commotion to the picture making vehicle tallying troublesome 5 Restricting Route There should be restriction put on Rikshaw and motor cycles on few main City roads so that the flow of vehicles on them would remain fast because of no hindrance 6 Supply and Demand Congestion can be decreased by either expanding road capacity supply or by reducing traffic demand revealed that road capacity can be increased in a number of ways such as adding more capacity over the whole of a route or at bottlenecks creating new routes and improvements for traffic management Reduction of demand can include parking restriction park and ride congestion pricing road space rationing incentives to use public transport and introduction of e education e shopping and homebased working options will reduce the number of people traveling

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