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Firstly to obtain the information of any PC or laptop we must physically open the system and reach out to the hard disk and this process goes as follows In my case firstly open up the screws on the laptops back and then there is a hard drive in the mid section there we see the hard drive which is simply latched with a clamp and then after removing it we can see the information of the hard drive and it looks like this We can locate the hard drive right after opening the back and since it is a Solid state hard drive it is small and located in the mid section of the laptop The tools we require to open the laptop are two apt sized screwdrivers The details we can observe as follows Make Samsung Electronics Serial no S1D2NYAF804037 Model no MZ NTE128D Size 128065187348 bytes Sectors LBA 500103450 The second method to know the details of the hard drive are go to the run window and type in msinfo32 and then we can see all the information we require about the hard disk Also we can obtain the information by typing in the following commands in the command prompt wmic diskdrive get serialnumber wmic diskdrive get TotalSectors 2 To access the BIOS settings of most of the computers manufacturers have their different functions keys to access them and in my case to access the BIOS setting of the computer soon after we hit the power button on we should keep tapping the F2 function key and by doing so we can enter the BIOS setting which is as follows

To find the time in the BIOS we must select the Date Time and the date is 1 13 2018 and time is 02 02 05 PM and it can be observed in the picture above To change the boot sequence of the we must select the boot sequence and set the boot option as desired and it is as follows To boot up from either from a CD or DVD we can do it by selecting the boot sequence and then by selecting add boot option as seen in the above picture and set the order as we desire and then it boots as per our selection 3 The details of the image file are as follows MD 5 hash value 8D4481C71A5A04BFE0DF9AD976FC8250 The date in the file is 2005 10 06 The time the file is 14 34 03 Program used is Adobe Photoshop CS OS of the computer is Macintosh After the change of time information the hash value will also be changed and they are as follows MD 5 hash value 4C4D06E130B0BBF01818AE667C4574B68 Hence in this way we can use the Hex Editor to obtain the detailed information of various files and even manipulate them in multiple ways 4 JTAG It is an abbreviation for Joint Test Action Group JTAG is a very advanced technique of obtaining the raw information from devices and this process makes the use of the Test access ports in the devices and for instance most of the mobile devices have the JTAG pins placed in them and these pins can be utilized to obtain all the information present in the memory of the devices directly without any interaction required from the phones originally the JTAG pins were present for the testing of the circuit by the company personnel but instead we can use this method efficiently to gain access to entire data of the devices hence we can retrieve all the information if we accidently damage the phone and be unable to access the data which is important to us and then comes the JTAG method into the picture which helps in the retrieval process but however in some cases this method may not work and at that time it is best to opt for the alternative recovery processes The JTAG process in action looks as follows Chip off 

The chip off process is another different technique of retrieving the information this technique has a high success rate compared to other techniques and the specialty of this technique is that it can successfully retrieve the data even from the devices that are hard to recover and the phones which are in bad shape The mobile devices are taken and then the flash storage of them will be detached and then the extraction of the data will be done using some tools and other resources and the entire analysis process will be done directly and in this process after the technicians try to take the chip away from the device and then try to reconstruct all the raw data which is obtained in then process and also the use of specialized equipment and other resources are used for the process and this process can be done on both Android IOS mobile devices This technique is not considered initially for the data recovery because it needs much more time and patience than other processes References 1 https www ifixit com Teardown Dell XPS 13 Teardown 36157 2 https www addictivetips com windows tips hard drive serial number windows 3 https www lifewire com change the boot order in bios 2624528 4 http www binaryintel com services jtag chip off forensics jtag forensics 5 https www gillware com forensics jtag chip off forensics 6 http www binaryintel com services jtag chip off forensics chip off_forensics

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