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When I took the communication style assessment it gave me the directive communication style The defining qualities of this communication style is high dominance and low sociability with the high dominance it means a directive person enjoys asserting their command and enjoys taking on challenges to exert their excellent problem solving skills Directives also show a great deal of productivity to succeed in their goals because of the firmness they exhibit in their relationships which can sometimes be a negative attribute when they aren't sensitive enough in their leadership to create and inviting warm work environment I only somewhat related to my communication style in the ideal that I am very assertive in succeeding in goals and problem solving but I don't think I am so asserting that I become insensitive to one's feelings I have always been known to be sociable charismatic and energetic as well as headstrong and proactive by most of my peers When in a romantic relationship I tend to be the assertive more dominant person by being the one to make the first move planning dates or worrying about our finances I also happen to be the more talkative social one in the relationship Another example of my love of challenges is I waited 6 years to go to college after receiving my GED so when I started at college I promised myself I would walk out of that semester with a GPA of at least a 3 5 It was not easy getting back into the swing of school and learning but I walked out of last semester with a 4 0 which was exactly what I had worked so hard to achieve I do feel that I do sit high on the dominance spectrum but I do not believe I should be on low sociability I feel as though 

I would be more emotive than directive so I do not 100 percent relate to the communication style assessment When I took the personality type assessment it gave me the campaigner personality type The defining qualities of this personality type is charming independent energetic and compassionate Campaigner personality type is normally the life of the party and enjoys social and emotional connections with others I believe this is a complete accurate description of my personality because I tend to be vivacious but also strong willed and very talkative I feel like in my romantic relationships I end up putting forth a lot of love and affection possibly too much and I get tired of those feeling and emotions not being reciprocated which can turn me resentful or bored in the relationship and sometimes this can also happen with my friendships In my future career choice as a certified nurse midwife I feel my personality can be extremely beneficial to the woman going through the experience of bringing life into this world My compassion and charisma could help improve mood during labor and my energy could help with her energy during those last few really intense moments of labor and delivery I think my personality benefitted and the kids I worked with as a youth advocate because I used my energy and compassion to communicate with the children as well as advocating on their behalf for their mental health care and schooling 

I also moved out of my mother's house at 19 to live independently away from my mother which shows the independent qualities that come along with a campaigner personality type I feel the directive communication style somewhat contradicts my campaigner personality style the high dominance makes sense but the low sociability that comes with being a directive doesn't make sense with the charisma and compassion that comes along with the campaigner personality style Because the low sociability is supposed to mean that they can be emotionally insensitive socially but that contradicts being compassionate and charming and livingsocial and emotional connections that shows in my personality type which I relate more to I believe my love of challenges and my determinations to succeed can make me a very productive member of staff at any job I work at I also believe that in a leadership position I could be a person who is not only determined but also compassionate and energetic which could help create a more productive proactive work environment Also within my curiosity I wanted to see what kind of people I surrounded myself with so I asked my two best friends and my boyfriend to take the test Three out of three got a supportive communication style and a mediator personality style which I found really interesting I found these assessments to be knowledgeable and help me gain more awareness about how I can better aspects of my communicating that may be lacking and it also helped me realize how to utilize the amazing qualities of my personality for my future career

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