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Discrimination in our Society Unfair and unequal treatment of an individual based on certain characteristics is a major and a long lasting problem prevailing in our society Almost everyone has faced discrimination since this misconduct exists in our schools homes communities and workplaces It might be based on gender intelligence cast language color body structure religion or it could be anything We have been taught to discriminate we are told to behave poorly with others We learnt discrimination from our society parents teachers friends it is injected in us by our discrimination loving society Today no society is immune to discrimination and prejudice Contemporary forms of discrimination date back to thousands of years The more extreme form of discrimination in past and recent includes genocide slavery immigration laws or cast system It starts from our home Children learn from their parents behavior They observed difference of behavior of their parents towards others and imitate in their upcoming life It becomes part of their subconsciousness Children try to copy parent s way of talking attitude mood Parents do discrimination sometimes among siblings It can be someone mental ability good looks or good results in school For instance male siblings have given priority on certain matters over female siblings which leads to sometime disastrous to personality of others Has someone observed this it s a rare thing but it exists

We start learning things from home implement in schools and become either victim of it or start discriminating others based on color or class or what we obsessed with In schools children are treated less favourably usually on the grounds of color creed gender or disability This not only exists among class mates but also done by authorities and teachers When I was in school teachers had negative attitude towards poor students they discriminate them on the basis of their parents profession Their talking behavior and attitude was different from student to student They talk less politely with students having low grades and those who belongs to poor families Discrimination in schools is not always direct it can be indirect certain policies favours specific group of individuals For example in US black students are suspended at much higher rates than their white counterparts same is the case with low income students Curse of discrimination is everywhere Discrimination become little more prominent at workplace The more common is gender Women are frequently subjected to subtle discrimination by both sexes There are anti discrimination laws in place to discourage such attitude but it is still being faced at many corporations Jobs are sometimes offered to less qualified males than to females There could be any reason females can t perform all out door duties or might be available for less hours than their male counterparts Women are also more likely to be judged by their looks and how they dress rather their qualification and competency

At many departments upper level managements are only awarded to males Surprisingly very few organization have a little different environment they preferred females staff over male staff believing that females are more committed to their profession I experienced little similar scenario at a private institution females staff were given permanent position before their male counterparts but I think it s a rare thing Despite protective anti discrimination laws many organization often still favour the advancement of men Media also putting equal share in discrimination it is mostly the discrimination between poor rich political ethnic and religious as well Our dramas and movies are biased and portrays poor as low class citizen Media is a major source of promoting discrimination by presenting some individuals committing crimes corruption or illegal based on color creed area which they belong or of specific school of thoughts Usually in movies only blacks are portrayed as criminal Portrays unequal social system in dramas and movies unfair treatment towards certain individuals Anchor persons have negative attitudes towards poor or what they disliked no one give weight to opinion of common person They just intentionally or unintentionally ridiculed the poor and present their problems to improve their program rating

They sell their tears Certain religious groups treated unfairly usually those which are in minority Muslims are facing this direct discrimination In some countries certain policies or practices have been imposed which are less likely to follow by individuals of certain belief and this places them at disadvantage It is illegal but unfortunately this indirect discrimination is very common Certain restaurants banded entries of ladies wearing hijab and some offices imposed requirement of specific dress code for workplace and schools Discrimination leads to victimization It is considered as a mild or serious form of suffering which varies from individual to individual It occurs in situation where the equals are treated unequally and the unequal are treated equally For example in gulf countries employees of Indian sub continent are treated differently Arabs treat them as a low class citizen Discrimination gives birth to hate break child confidence destroyed professional environment at workplace and hurts the society Discrimination has existed for a long time and it needs to be ended so that we could live in peace and harmony

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