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Discuss the problem of love in Wuthering Heights and how it fits with relevant elements of Victorian literature The individuals in Wuthering Heights were caught up in a rummage of obsessive passionate and domestic affairs uncounted plenty brutal in traits The characters in Wuthering Heights were caught between a love and hate within the Victorian literature Given a sense that empathy of this unusual book is certainly looking great when it comes to undeniable friendship Straight from the beginning it starts about the different hurt and evil some character are willing to show During that time frame love so different from what we call love today Heathcliff was filled with a lot of mix emotions when it came to how he acted toward Catherine Heathcliff was the kind of man who would do anything to get back someone evenly The passionate state of Heathcliff led him to undermine his ability to love the right correct way I mean two wrongs do not make it right but Catherine was not an angel herself 

The both of them were made for each other because Catherine started agitating Heathcliff Love was shown in different ways while reading over Wuthering Heights novel Edgar tended to stay to himself when he spoke with the other characters he always showed a great deal of kindness Catherine on the other hand walked around all the time so peaceful and was always joyful about the day Not many can say they do at times but in that case something can shift in a person After Catherine had seen the life she wanted her whole mindset has changed in her Catherine became double minded and her joyful self turn into pure evilness and there was no turning back for her Love can make someone act out and do so crazy things with no remorse It was amazing how Heathcliff and Catherine so infatuated with one another that you could not separate the both of them Once Linton came into the picture and Catherin saw that their style of living was very different than hers Catherin began to plot and her demeanor and attitude have change for the worst Sometimes a person can become side track when it comes to love Love is beautiful caring for one another it is not a statue you put under your belt Your saying I love you till death do us part I ve recognized in the Victorian time frame ladies were getting married for the wrong thing During that period instead of getting to know your partner instead there minds was on how rich they can get The sad part we see this kind of behavior even in our society today Love should not be on how we can get rich off our soulmate this alone is sending the wrong message What some of the characters feel to realize if their soulmate we re not rich would they still love them the same The love that was talked about was different because it was not true love Some examples have been express in the novel about love and what it means to love your soul mate

What threw me off while reading the young ladies were having a conversation about nice looking men For instance if you was in a relationship already and you happen to see another nice man The question was pose would you go after that man because he had more to offer than the one your dating In my mind I would be calling you gold diggers because you are not satisfied with the man you re with If you truly love someone and you that person love you then why you feel it would be a disgrace to not tell the other person Conflict will arise between two parties when it comes to love Heathcliff fell over heels when it came to Catherine he became a joyful man who was able to teach himself from rags to riches It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now so he shall never know how I love him and that not because he's handsome Nelly but because he's more myself than I am Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same and Edgar s is as different as a moonbeam from lightning or frost from fire Even though he was traumatized by Hindley adverse actions toward him He was so hurt by the fact that Catherine under minded him by her treacherous ways The love you once had for each other now turn into hatred and despised for each other Catherine devilish ways are being torn apart between whether or not she going to love Heathcliff or set her eyes on Edgar Linton Heathcliff dismantles Isabella and by then she did not want anything to do with him I ve come to the conclusion that power of appreciation will never be the same way when it comes to love

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