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Capitalism Island Essay There has long been a dispute of which economy is work the best communism socialism capitalism Wars have been fought over it and jokes made about it but the truth is that no one has got it perfect and it probably never will be This topic was recently discussed in my English class and a scenario was given to us In this simulation my teacher had created a supposedly perfect capitalist society with only a small amount of other socialist ideas such as price fixing government healthcare etc In my opinion this structured and set capitalist economy would not only be very unrealistic and maybe not the best idea for a group of high school students trying to survive and be sustained on an island for only a few years For such a situation I would have preferred a more communist approach Besides this is a small group of kids who will more likely be complacent and helpful in order to work together to find their original home in America However in a real country such as America the situation is very different due to the large scale thinking and overall happiness you need to consider For a truly fair economy that still has the freedom of choice no matter the consequences I would prefer a more complete capitalist economy with only education socialist programs and support for the poor from private or religious organizations or charities In our simulation our economy should have been more of a work together situation with no private or restricted property unless it was decided so by the democratic process People were picked from a box at random to decide who got first pick of all the equal sized property in our classroom project Next all of the resources were accounted for and the people who shared the food and water supplies met in the back room to fix the prices there food or water supplies 

This would be illegal in a real capitalist economy because it limits competition and rips the people off by keeping the price at an average more expensive rate Fortunately the price of building supplies was competitive so it allowed the consumers to choose the lower price Since most of the food expenses were mandatory for our simulation survival a lot of work hours were used up in order to pay for the necessary items used to eat and sustain life In a realistic event where my entire class was stranded on an island together I am not saying that we would have made some Gilligan s Island situation but we would have definitely have been forced to work together a lot more We would have been brought together by this tragic event and that would create more of a goal oriented group Decisions would be made by the majority vote Food and water would be distributed evenly and those who tried to cheat others by stealing extra supplies or not working for it would be scolded with the wrath of about twenty hungry and angry therefore hangry teenagers This would most likely help the people of this island work harder towards the goal of leaving or at least being content wherever they are stranded This class simulation has helped me contemplate the real world application of economy and which one contains the ideal ideas for a country It emphasized how now of the economy systems are neither bad nor completely perfect but only that some of the ideas just might not work out for the best in a real society with irrational variables 

In America we have the basic capitalist economy structure with a large amount of socialist programs that are meant to help those in need However good things can always turn bad just as some of our socialist programs today will create laziness because you can get the necessary assets but you don't need to work too hard for it Perhaps a better idea would be to have different socialist programs that instead promote more education so you can go out and provide for yourselves As the old chinese proverb says Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime Trip pg 76 It is better to educate to the people than to give them handouts In conclusion the economy is a very controversial topic and many people have their own variations and mixtures of the three main economies I personally believe that America s capitalist economy is pretty great but there are a lot of socialist programs which focus on handing out taxpayers money instead of getting rid of our debt or trying to educated and teach those who we just give money to If we were to let private and religious programs do a lot of the charity for us and started focusing on educating to needy then we would probably have a lot less people to give handouts to There are many opinions about this subject

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