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People rely on DNA technology to survive The body needs different things for different reasons Cloning Genetic testing and Stem Cell research are just a few ways that DNA technology is used worldwide Some uses can be life threatening but other forms of use are positive over all the positive uses rule out everything to me When you think of cloning the first thing that pops into your head is probably two exact people one person as the original and one as the clone DNA cloning happens when there are two different DNA genes One gene will be used for the cloning the other gene is a bacterial plasmid and acts as a carrier to the cloning DNA Bacterial plasmids are small DNA molecules that can separately copy themselves from other bacterial DNA One advantage to cloning is that it can help a couple have a baby with the help of a surrogate mother Another advantage is that cloning can be a cure for some diseases Cloning also has its disadvantages it can bring some diseases while in use Cloning can lead to problems with organ rejection

Cloning can be great if you can not have children the natural way it gives a chance to be a parent Yes cloning can cure some diseases but is it really helping you if it only brings in a different disease Cloning is known for organ replacement and the body cannot function without organs So while you might be making one organ better it can be causing another organ to fail due to cell mutation But all in all I think that Cloning is really helpful and we need it despite the consequences Stem Cell research is one of the most popular ways that DNA technology is used Stem cells develop into many other cells during growth or early life Stem cells usually differentiate into many cell types The two main sources are adult tissue and embryos formed during the blastocyst stage during development Blastocyst is an embryo that has developed into having two different cell components There are some life saving advantages including the Stem Cell research Organs and limbs can be grown in labs and used for transplants by stem cells Stem cells can help researchers and scientists learn more about human growth along with cell development Doctors and scientists will be able to use stem cells to test potential medicine and drugs without using human testers and even animals Some disadvantages include how the body may reject stem cells because the embryos are derived from other embryos an embryo is a baby during the process of development Like any new technology it is still not known what the long term effects are so there is no way to know if anything can go wrong Yes it might be hard for some people to accept not knowing what stem cell research can do but it the medicines that can useful is a huge plus 

There is always going to be a need for medicine even if we don t know long term effects Genetic tests have been used on everyone before birth A genetic test is a medical test that identifies the change in genes proteins and chromosomes A test like this can confirm a change in a developing human or it can rule out a conditions Different genetic tests are being created everyday One of the biggest advantages to genetic testing is that you know If a woman is pregnant and she goes in for an ultrasound the mother can have a genetic test done to see if any birth defects have been passed down to her baby The tests can also help my lifetime decisions knowing the type of things you need to do But knowing if you have a harmful condition can also cause a lot of anxiety and stress But just because you know the type of condition you have does not mean that the problem can be eliminated In my opinion knowing has a lot to do with what you need If you don't know if you have a harmful condition how are you going to work from preventing it to become worse So in conclusion cloning can help a couple have a baby and cure some diseases Stem cells can detect new medicines without using any testers and more about human growth can be learned With genetic testing there is always that certainty of knowing if you have a condition and what you can do to help it Cloning Genetic testing and Stem Cell research are just a few ways that DNA technology is used worldwide Some uses can be life threatening but other forms of use are positive but over all the positive uses rule out everything to me

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