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Analyzing the New World monkey genus Saguinus Serfaty

Although its great importance on Primates genomes the LINE 1 elements were much less characterized than the Alu elements. Analyzing the New World monkey genus Saguinus Serfaty et al 2017 carried out a comparative mapping of LINE 1 in S bicolor and S midas to understand the contribution of this element to their genomic organization and karyotype evolution. Although both species have the same diploid number and similar GTG banding patterns the authors showed that LINE 1 distribution may be used as diagnosis in species differentiation as well as in natural hybrids identification. Their results as well as those of Boissinot et al 2004 for S oedipus suggested a recent expansion and diversification of LINE 1 in the genome of species of Saguinus. Another important class of repetitive sequences that compose the Primates genome is the satellite DNAs characterized by long arrays of tandem head to tail arranged repeats frequently rich in A T. The size of each repeat unit monomer may differ in nucleotide sequence length ranging from five nucleotides for human satellite III up to several hundreds of base pairs abundance and complexity. The monomers form long and homogeneous arrays which compose the constitutive heterochromatin of centromeric pericentromeric subtelomeric and interstitial regions Plohl et al 2008 2012 Garrido Ramos 2017. Satellite DNAs families represent abundant fractions of the genomes of most eukaryotic species Plohl et al 2012;
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