Essay Example on Drug is any substance that when injected on skin causes a temporary physiological change in body









Drug is any substance that when injected on skin causes a temporary physiological change in body And many people that have done drugs have addicted it that they cant live one or two days without using or doing drugs and that puts their life on danger because drugs have a very bad effect on the body and sometimes drug use can hurt the brain forever drug can cause many problems like child abuse or arrests and jail and it can cause a disease like cancer every person that is high on drugs is most likely to have accidents while driving drugs can also hurt unborn babies because when a women is pregnant a baby is growing inside her if the women uses drugs while she is pregnant the drugs can pass the baby and the baby might be born small or have problems eating and sleeping or be slow to develop and if she don t want the child to have this problem she should stop its hard for any person with a drug problem to quit if you want to stop you have to go to a rehab hospital and they will help them to stop using drugs and live a safe live with their family ESSAY 

A drug is any substance when smocked and dissolved under the tongue causes a temporary physiological change in the body some people have addicted drugs that they can t stay without drugs even longer than two days addicting drugs is not a god thing because drugs can kill you if you did not stop and drugs are more dangerous for women specially for the ones who are pregnant because when the child will be born he may actually have diseases and that would put his life on danger and even if he did not have any disease he may become addicted to drugs when he will be bigger because of his mother that was addicted to drugs so she put her life in danger and her sons life and the baby may be born small or be slow to develop and while growing up the child might have trouble getting along with others and have trouble following directions and need to be told thing many times for people who want to stop doing drugs there are many rehab hospitals that will help you redeem your health and brain but it will take a lot of time and effort from you drugs will not only hurt you it will hurt every person around you because when you take drugs you will lose control on yourself and that will lead to like if you was driving a car it will cause an accident because you are not on your full awareness and some people don t believe that they are sick and out of control so they don t look for treatment other people who are addicted are aware of the problem but may be so upset and confused that they don t know how to ask for help drug use can cause many problems like fighting and violence inside and outside the home child abuse or having a trouble at work or losing a job and actually drug addiction can lead to dieses that can kill you like heart disease cancer lung disease and stoke brain injury from a blood clot 

And if you get any of these diseases you will have very high risk of dying or getting any kind of paralysis and you won t have any treatments All drugs effect the brain that s why they can make you feel high low or slow fast or make you see things that aren t there there are many kinds of drugs like some drugs can hurt you brain and effect how your body feels and some drugs make your mood change quickly you might get sad and angry or get scared for no reason drug use can hurt your ability to enjoy things when you re addicted things like seeing friends or watching a movie no longer make you happy you can start enjoying things again once you stop using drugs but it will take time Many people who have drug problems also have a mental health problem such as Depression which make them feel very sad and tired Anxiety which makes them feel nervous worried and afraid So if you are addicted to drugs you will mostly be sad and feeling every thing deferent and you can hurt any one at any time so what you should do is going to a rehab hospital and take therapy and they will tell you how much time do you need for recovery and when you finish you can live your life as you want with whoever you want without putting their life on danger or your life and live a save and happy life

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