Essay Example on During the trial Scout notices the following As Tom Robinson









During the trial Scout notices the following As Tom Robinson gave his testimony it came to me that Mayella Ewell must have been the loneliest person in the world She was even lonelier than Boo Radley 191 How does this realization about Mayella relate to an overall theme of the novel Explain plus state the theme that relates to Mayella In the novel Scout is growing up and as she does she sees the world differently and learns more Scout misjudges people and sees hate and the bad things which is not always the case As for Mayella Scout saw her as a cruel person for doing this to Tom But then Scout has this realization about Mayella that she must be the loneliest person in the world She starts to see what's beneath her cold fearful shell and what's really going on in her head and in her life Scout grows in her knowledge of the things that go on in the world surrounding her 

The way she first saw Mayella connects to the she first saw Boo Radley When she was growing up she saw Boo as someone crazy isolated and basically not even a person But she had a realization about him too Boo was kind and most importantly lonely In this whole story Scout is learning and maturing She's finally grasping the injustice and prejudice that surrounds her This overall theme of growth relates to her realization of Mayella because it's her seeing deeper inside Mayella Her father saw it even Tom saw it and now she was grasping it too 6 This novel is set around the time of the Great Depression in America In a clear and concise paragraph answer the following question How does this historical setting affect the events of the novel Be specific when you reference two specific scenes characters or themes from the novel A major theme in the novel is racism and prejudice The 1950s were a very big time of segregation from black and white people In the trial if the setting has been in a more modern time then the verdict may not have been guilty and it wouldn't have been assumed by most that Tom did it The prejudices that occurred then have changed greatly now The Great Depression also negatively affected people in the South which made some people bitter and angry For example the Cunninghams were very angry people and it fits because so were a lot of farmers in that time period If the time was set in more modern years it wouldn't have the same events and the mood of the characters would not have fit as well 

This time period was best to show how greatly prejudice affected people on both ends of it and to grasp Scout's growth and what she's experiencing 8 In Atticus closing statement he states This case is as simple as black and white Lee 203 In a clear and concise paragraph give two examples of how this quote is or isn't accurate Mention two specific moments from the trial or the case that supports your opinion of the quote above This statement is accurate for what was going on in that time Everyone knew that in the end the verdict would be guilty because Tom was black and Mayella was white It was how things worked back then Even in the actual courtroom the blacks were separate from the whites because they didn t mix just like if you mix the colors black and white they don t go together well This statement also says that it's this or that Meaning it wasn t Mayella or Tom but a matter of the jury and judge choosing white or black this or that There were some instances where it seemed like things could be different for Tom but they weren't When people think of boring plain colors they tend to think of black and white They're two opposites on different sides of the world 

Just like the colors this case was split into two sides of the world black and white It was as simple as that 9 Read the passages from The Book Thief included in your test packet turn the page to find the excerpts from the text Use one or more of the following passages to help you answer the question How does Zusak characterize Death Support your answer with evidence from one or more of the given passages Zusak characterizes Death in a way most have never heard before Many people fear Death and associate it with something negative From the passage on page 4 Death makes it known that we will all know him very well at some point in our lives and definitely at the end of it By pointing this out Zusak is also saying that we shouldn't fear Death rather we should accept that we know Death and that it's always apart of us From page 307 Death identifies all the stereotypes people think he would look like All of the things described are scary and bad but in this novel Death is sympathized He has to watch as people escape him and others who aren't as lucky to He is shown as someone or something that is burdened with the role of taking people from their friends and family and having to watch as they mourn their losses Just like Boo and Mayella Death is lonely

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