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Dutch Experience with decriminalizing Marijuana 1984 1996 Offences involving marijuana became virtually zero Use of marijuana greatly increased Between the ages of 18 and 20 years old it is reported that the proportion who reported ever having used marijuana increased from 15 to 44 and the proportion who reported using it within the previous 30 days increased from 8 5 to 18 5 Joffe Yancy 2014 Pros Medical Benefits Marijuana carries a variety of medical benefits which played a significant part in the legalization of marijuana However marijuana is recognized as a substance cancer patients use when undergoing chemotherapy due to the contents within the narcotic which help fight off cancer cells Due to this particular aspect the narcotic was decriminalized due to the drug medicinal purposes Furthermore it is as well most notably recognized for its ability to assist in the treatment of mental health issues such as anxiety sleep disorders and PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Boost in Revenue

Due to the continuous government struggle with diminishing revenue and escalating expenses the legalization of marijuana creates multiple ways to improve income to fund various development schemes for instance new parks and road repairs Even though numerous amounts of citizens believe that the legalization of weed may perhaps be a revenue conductor in the form of new taxes applied to the sale and distribution For instance currently in Colorado analysts endorse the taxation on the narcotic which could potentially cause an upsurge in revenue with millions of dollars annually In reality Colorado is currently producing an adequate amount of money from the legalization of marijuana that the state is currently capable to recover and develop certain aspects of its educational system by the means of distributing portions of the income for development

Other neighbouring states are at this time planning to follow the legalization of marijuana to use the income from the legalization to boost tax revenue and to fund projects that will improve their communities Less Money to Support Organized Crime Due to the lack of competition in addition to the current street prices drug traffickers are creating enormous amounts of cash flow The legalization of cannabis decreases the amount of pressure on law enforcement due to the shrinkage of the black market Nevertheless through the legalization it will introduce the economy to an open competition and cause a reduction in prices as a result drug cartels which could potentially include terrorists would lose a enormous stream of cash flow due to the legalization Consumers will have the freedom to purchase either medical or recreational weed from licensed enterprises which funnels an enormous amount of money through the system rather than the underground market Many Marijuana legalization activists have confidence that the legalization of recreational weed will decrease the war on narcotics and remove a profitable revenue stream for illegal drug traffickers Advocates believe that the legalization of cannabis causes less profitably for criminals which as a result decreases violence related with the trade of the illegal substance Nonetheless the legalization of Marijuana could potentially cause law enforcement to hypothetically save lives irrespective of taking the massive weight off law enforcers

An Increase of Jobs Obviously when a new market emerges in this case marijuana there are many jobs to fill In this case there has to be an increase in jobs for distribution and growth however it cannot be too expensive and is capped in order to prevent costs from rising to compete with the underground market Saving Money We save money because people will not be going to prison over marijuana also does not waste time in court away from work Police may also focus their time on more serious offences Cons Adverse effects on adolescents Though attempts to legalize marijuana are primarily focused on only adults changes to the legal status of marijuana will potentially affect the youth As marijuana will be legal it will be advertised much like any other product 

This also means that there will be attraction and appeal towards marijuana which will affect adolescents Dependency Nature Advocates in the legalization of Marijuana claim that marijuana is not as addictive as other alternative narcotics for instance cocaine and methamphetamine Nevertheless various addiction treatment specialists believe that the drug has a long term effect which leads to addiction Researchers discovered that around tenth of the users have developed dependence over a period of time Increase in Stoned Driving and Related Cases Even though the legalization of Marijuana provides a variety of benefits to help humanity it is as well complemented with multiple factors which threaten humanity The usage of Marijuana cannot be deliberated as a crime taking into consideration all the crimes that are accompanied when under the influence Whereas drunk driving is considered a major complication to humanity regardless of all the penalties and education driving high is equally as dangerous but is as well difficult to notice Other criminal offense can as well be caused as a result of the failure in judgment due to smoking weed More or less evidence indicates that there are risks accompanied to driving vehicles once consuming cannabis

On the other hand statistics from Colorado challenges this statistic displaying that highway fatalities have drastically decreased completely from the time when legalization was implemented This particular data advises that automobile accidents by drivers testing positive for marijuana have decreased drastically As a result of the decrease to mortality rates and incarcerations even though there is a decrease it still requires more services to be employed for instance police services and hospital services This crucial problem of legalizing marijuana remains one of the disadvantages of legalizing weed up until any further research or technology is developed to help law enforcement to control the substance

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