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Early American Republic Project By Lucy Lockmiller Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were very different men who shared some similarities For example they both had different political views Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist while Thomas Jefferson was a Republican Besides having their political differences they both grew up in different environments Alexander Hamilton was born in the West indies when he was 13 a hurricane hit his island A few of the St Croix leaders had him sent to New York shortly after so that he could get an education Unlike Hamilton Thomas Jefferson was born and raised in Virginia His family were farmers and he had nine other siblings and was a very talented child Hamilton and Jefferson both were patriots but had different views of human nature During the war Hamilton and Washington were side by side Hamilton had seen people putting themselves before their country as well as Patriotism Most Federalists agreed with Hamilton s perspective they agreed with Hamilton in saying that if too much power was given to the people it could lead to unpredictability Jefferson trusted that citizens could make their own choices for their country and themselves Federalists thought that the best people should rule this included people like Hamilton who had grown up with a education However Jefferson and the Republicans were in favor of democracy they didn t support Hamilton s idea that the best people should rule 

They thought that this idea was very similar to monarchy Jefferson had trust in the farmers like him Hamilton and the Federalists were also in favor of a strong national government they hoped that the government s powers could keep control over the people Hamilton wanted to also make the economy bigger using the power of the federal government to help establish trade and business manufacturing Hamilton asked Congress to establish a national bank that would help collect taxes and make loans to business He also supported a loose construction under the constitution He said that under the elastic clause it allowed congress to make necessary laws since collecting taxes was one of this powers the congress could set up a bank Jefferson thought that the future of the nation was in the power of simple farmers like himself not in merchants and bankers like Hamilton The Republicans also were in favor of economy that was based on crops They didn t support the idea of a national bank because they thought that it was against farmers During the revolution most Republicans sided with France while most Federalists sided with Britain The Republicans didn t support the violence and bloodshed but they argued that the noble s lives were was the cost to their freedom 

They said that the constitution meant what it strictly said no more or less Republicans also favored strong state governments state governments were closer to the people making it easier for the people to control them a strong state government could also help with not letting the national government from getting too much power Hamilton sided with Britain because he hoped one day that the US could be as successful and respected as Britain Another disagreement the two men had was about the war debts Hamilton thought that the debt that was paid off by the Revolutionary War should be paid by the individual states Jefferson thought that this was unfair however because some states had already paid their war debt and he didn t think it would be fair for them to pay more national debt The two men also were opposed on the side of tax on whiskey Hamilton was in favor of taxing the delicacy and Jefferson was opposed to the fact of taxing Hamilton and Jefferson both had many differences but they did have some similarities

Another similarity was that while they both had many accomplishments they were both very humble According to Quora Hamilton would often flee from the public eye and although he was sometimes arrogant in his writing and speech he was not one to brag about his accomplishments and Thomas Jefferson didn t have on his tombstone that he had been a president of the United States because he didn t think that it was an accomplishment worth writing Both men later ended up working together to be Washington s cabinets Bibliography Parthasarathy Adarsh How Do You Compare and Contrast Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Quora 25 Mar 2016 www quora com How do you compare and contrast Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson What Are the Similarities between Hamilton and Jefferson Reference IAC Publishing LLC www reference com history similarities between hamilton jefferson 1abe2d7d887e9f04 Hamilton vs Jefferson American History GMW 2005 www let rug nl usa outlines history 2005 the formation of a national government hamilton vs jefferson php I also used the history book as one of my additional references

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