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Early Childhood Education Philosophy Life is about gaining knowledge and sharing what we have learned with others Education is a lifelong process and the building blocks of learning are developed in the early stages of life After my observations and classwork I m intrigued to be a teacher I feel that all children deserve to have the highest quality of education that can be provided Students should have a quality teacher that has received training from an accredited higher education institution I believe that early childhood educators have one of the most important jobs in the world because they are preparing children for the world of learning An educator should be reliable caring sympathetic understanding and a facilitator to their students All teachers should be a role model to their students This can be done by showing enthusiasm through their teaching Early childhood educators should have patience and the ability to respond quickly to situations I believe a teacher should have effective class management skills and the ability to use them every day in their own classroom A good early childhood educator is knowledgeable and knows how children develop An important part of a good education is that teachers create the appropriate class lessons needed to meet the correct standards I also believe that lessons should relate to real life situations in order to be beneficial for students

I believe that a good quality education comes from teachers who prepare lessons that meet the needs of each and every student An excellent teacher should always evaluate their lessons after they have been applied to see what worked or didn t work They then should make improvements if they are needed Teachers should give students opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas throughout the school day Teachers should recognize each child as an individual with both strengths and weaknesses It is the teacher s job to help children every day prosper and to learn I feel that students should be involved in working with their teacher for making and reaching academic goals It is also important that children are given choices in participating with the classroom activities The early childhood classroom should be flexible and stimulating Some examples can be posters surrounding the classroom with knowledge I feel that children in early education should have an organized clean and safe environment to meet in It should be a place where students can be able to learn through interaction and with things around them Children in early grades need to have lessons using play discovery problem solving demonstrations and direct instruction

The curriculum should contain challenging lessons to help students to be prepared for their future obstacles I believe in Vygotsky s concept of scaffolding and that it is an effective tool in guiding students Teachers should first give demonstrations and directions then help the student with any help and lastly allow the child to take the problem to do it on their own I believe that teachers need to show care for literacy and be a highly skilled reader Early childhood classrooms should have a variety of books It is important that children get exposed to texts within books when they are very young Every observation site I ve gone to I have seen an abundance of books I have also read many books such as Boom Chicka Boom and the Rainbow Fish Children love getting read to and I believe it expands their imagination as well as their knowledge In many children books lessons are learned through the reading The teacher should be an excellent example of high expectations and be a worthy role model for children I believe that teachers can help children develop values that may not be taught to them at home Students need to learn to have honesty kindness cooperation patience sharing etc Even if the students are getting good values from home having more exposure to values can reinforce them Early childhood teachers form close partnerships with their student s families A good education should involve discussion between the teacher and parents 

This can greatly benefit the child because then parents can help them progress on what they are learning in school I think it is important that students and parents attend parent teacher conferences This can help grow partnerships between the teacher and parents Students need to be given a variety of teaching methods in the classroom It is important for early childhood educators to reach students of all abilities and knowledge I believe that in providing a variety of learning there should be social interaction cooperative learning hands on experiences and real life situations Students learn how to interact with others through student to student student to self and student to teacher situations An early childhood teacher needs to incorporate opportunities for students to work with a variety of different children Cooperative learning can teach students how to communicate in a group and learn from others I feel this is a needed element in the classroom environment During my observations I noticed hands on activities created by the teachers An example is choosing an object out of a bag and matching the first letter to the same letter on a flashcard This activity helped strengthen each child s social interaction hands on experiences and growth In conclusion I think that a quality education is when all students are successful and make progress no matter what level they are on The greatest thing is to help improve someone s life by teaching them how to learn effectively and to enjoy being a teacher I can see myself being a teacher and happy by being one I hope to one day use my philosophy of early childhood education to help improve children s lives

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