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Early Life His family was unable to financially support him by age 10 John Dalton s father and a local Quaker ran a private school which is where Dalton received most of his basic schooling He became fluent in the Latin language by age 14 Later Dalton went to operate a local Quaker school at 15 years old with his brother John Gough a blind scientist tutored Dalton for years which is where Dalton gained most of his matured scientific understanding Dalton was hired to teach philosophy and mathematics at a dissenting college at age 27 The college's name was New College and offered courses detering from the Catholic Church When his school started to struggle financially he was forced to resign and begin a new phase in his life At age 34 he began to tutor subjects similar to what he taught at New College natural philosophy and mathematics Timeline Born in Cumberland England on September 6 1766 1787 Began his weather observation journal 1790 Was about to pursue the field of medicine but was unable to due to religious beliefs 1793 Moved to Manchester England and received a teaching job at New College 1794 Published the Extraordinary Facts Relating to the Vision of Colours detailing his findings about color blindness 1803 Published documents that pertained to his discovery of Dalton's Law 1803 Dalton wrote a special article for the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society about atomic weights 1808 Published the New System of Chemical Philosophy 1837 Dalton experienced a stroke that left him with the inability to speak However he could still fully function and carry out experiments Died in Manchester England on July 27 1844 at age 77 after suffering a fatal stroke

He was found dead by an assistant writing in his journal Scientific Contributions Meteorology During 1787 he started a diary detailing his weather observations Dalton would continue to write in his diary for 57 years piling up numerous theories and beliefs One of the most well known discoveries was a unique and efficient way to measure mountains In order to record observations Dalton would sometimes travel into the mountains After numerous trips and trials he discovered that a barometer a tool used to measure atmospheric pressure could be used to measure the height of the mountain Color Blindness When John Dalton first moved to Manchester he became apart of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society Here he began to learn about the spectrum of colors and diagnosed him and his with color blindness He proved that color blindness was hereditary and that is was caused by missing cones and a discoloration of liquid in our eyeballs Gas Laws While still being in Manchester Dalton furthered the basic understanding of gases After confirming the Gay Lussac s Law which means that temperature and gas pressure are related Dalton went on to create what is now known as Dalton s Law His theory of gas states that when non reacting gases are mixed their pressure is closely related with the individuals gases themselves

Atomic Theory Out of all of John Dalton s achievements the Atomic Theory is the most important and well known Although some may say that he stole his ideas from scientist Bryan Higgins Dalton is still referred to as the founder of the Atomic Theory It was his belief that elements derived from atoms which are small particles that cannot be destroyed Atoms as Dalton stated can only be rearranged when undergoing a chemical reaction For example the atoms in a piece paper are not destroyed when the paper is burned Instead they are just arranged in a different order As Dalton proved the arrangement of atoms is important and gives every piece of matter it s individuality Atomic Weights One of the more peculiar conclusions that Dalton made was the idea of atomic weights Although there was no indication or explanation as to how Dalton found the relative weights of his 20 elements such as Nitrogen or Phosphorus he went on to publish the New System of Chemical Philosophy detailing his discovery of the Law of Multiple Proportions The Law of Multiple Proportions basically states that elements forming compounds will have whole numbered masses that match the ratio of the second element The idea of atomic weights helped Dalton publish the Atomic Theory providing a more depth understanding of atoms and their functioning capabilities Interesting Facts The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society experienced a bombing on Christmas Eve of 1940 destroying most of John Dalton s published works John Dalton was never married Many Quaker schools are named after John Dalton because of his early childhood education Da is an unofficial abbreviation used for the atomic mass unit John Dalton s body was viewed by over 40 000 people at his funeral

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