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Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely John Acton THE DOCTRINE OF SEPARATION OF POWERS The separation of powers also known as trias politica was coined by Charles Louis de Secondat The Doctrine of Separation of Power is the indication to all the constitutions of the world which came into existence since the days of the Magna Carta To analyze the separation of powers doctrine the theory aspect will be managed and a far reaching comprehension of the teaching as utilized as a part of our nation under our parliamentary arrangement of administration will be made There should not concentration of powers in the hands of any particular institution or agency of the Government The Legislature should be concerned with the making law but not in its implementation administering it The Administration Executive should not control the legislature nor should it over take the justice system because doing so it might lead to arbitrary and capricious justice The Judiciary should be independent of Executive and Legislation The Doctrine says that in a free democracy these three functions are separated and exercised by three separate organs of the Government Each organ while carrying out its activities tends to interfere in the range of working of another functionary because a strict differentiation of functions is not possible in their relations with the general public Thus even when acting in range of their own power overlapping functions tend to appear amongst these organs

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How each instrument analyses nanoparticle without sample Destruction

Abstract This review explains how each instrument analyses nanoparticle without sample destruction and why they all exist It will go through each instruments capability and the drawbacks behind them The instruments which are mentioned in this review are Dynamic Light Scattering DLS Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis NTA Flow cytometry and Tuneable Resistive Pulse Sensing TRPS Introduction A nanoparticle is usually any particle which has a diameter so small it is in the nanometer range 1 1000nm Nanoparticles are so small they don t form spontaneously and the interesting thing about them is their large surface areas Having large surface area while being small increases the particles activity and mobility Mobility is very important in drug delivery and monitoring where the particles travel can give concentration data which is very important because we can minimise the risk of damage to the healthy cells which is the main priority in chemotherapy1

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