Essay Example on Education and Youth in East Asia Working Thesis Statement








British Literature 1st Global Studies 8th 10 January 2018 Annotated Bibliography Education and Youth in East Asia Working Thesis Statement The Eastern Asia education system is successful due to the pressures of students from adults to be successful the competitiveness of the schools and colleges and the difficulty of the curriculum Chan Jeremy Education in East Asia by the Numbers British Council British Council In this report Jeremy Chan gives us a glimpse of how the secondary schools in different countries of East Asia are doing He includes graphs and scatterplots comparing the many countries and listing who is considered the smartest through data He gives an in depth explanation on how the intelligence of each student is measured all across East Asia I will use this source to help understand how the countries in Eastern Asia are compared and who is considered the most intelligent and why that is Also I will use this to help explain how the Program for International Student Achievement works and how that greatly influences the discussion on which country is considered the most educated Ka Ho Mok Education reform and policy in Eastern Asia Routledge Taylor Francis Group June 2006 Google Books Web This book assesses the impact of globalization on the education systems of key East Asian countries including China Hong Kong Japan and the tiger economies of South Korea Taiwan and Singapore He goes in depth of how the different countries education systems are ran and the difficulties of each

It also discusses the policies made in each country regarding the youth and their endeavors I can use this book to help give more support information for the thesis and give more information on the education policies Also this will give more information on how the systems are working toward each country being the top smartest country and how they achieve that goal It also goes in depth of the order in which the countries are considered the most intelligent within the eastern countries Social United Nations Regional Overview The State of Youth in East Asia and the Pacific 2011 Web 30 Nov 2017 This article was written by the Social United Nations to inform us about the pressures of the youth in Eastern Asia and the Pacific It includes many statistics that tell us more about the working class system and the competitiveness of each student It also lists policies that are directed toward the youth and their issues The article also goes into depth on education and the steps to becoming apart of the working class This source will help me to support the fact that the laws protecting the youth in these countries from child labor and other things are slim to none Also will help the argument stating that the education in these countries are very competitive This article will give me relevant analytical data that will support the paper s argument United Nations Education Policy Research Series Discussion Document No 5 United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organizations Web

This essay is a comparative analysis on the educational issues in the ASEAN countries In particular it highlights the main issues challenges and opportunities for improving the systems performance across the Eastern Asian Countries It discusses the main ways of teaching and learning in the countries This essay discusses many topics about the education system from developmental stage to the University stage This source will help give details on the system and how it is from the early stages of school to the later stages This essay will help support the paper by giving in depth analysis of each countries pathway to education and how they are different It will also help the argument that there a major issues in the system that are not met by the government Yi Chin Chun The Psychological Well being of East Asian Youth Springer Science Business Media Oct 12 2012 Google Books Web This source goes into the psychological aspect of the youth in Eastern Asia regarding the competitiveness of the schools and their education systems It also goes into the classroom and the influence of peers and teachers

This book discusses the academic competitions for each country and the stresses of this on a student Also it discusses the way the child is taught while developing and how advanced it is compared to the other countries I will use this source to discuss more how the education systems can be competitive and how there are the influence of not just your parents but the students around them and their teachers as well This also compares how each country prepares each student for the secondary schooling system and the National tests taken I will use this source to discuss the way the students day includes schooling and working YuanYuan Kelly Six myths about East Asian public education Global Citizen AUG 30 2015 Global Citizen Web This source gives six myths about East Asian education and gives information on why they are not true It includes the focus of the schools and how they do not just focus on math and science but also on the arts The competitiveness is still within the arts programs as well It goes into detail about how the education system itself is pressuring the kids to do better than their peers because of the limited amount of jobs out It also talks about the curriculum of each country I will use this source to make sure my paper is factual and has the correct information This source also will help give the paper more support on the education system in each country and the differences within each Also will help support the idea of the competitiveness of each system and how it came about

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