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Personal Statement Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Nelson Mandela I feel education is such a tool with which one can grow as a person and also helps the world around grow and change for better From a young age I have always been intrigued by how things work Coming from a developing and overpopulated country like India I have always seen a need for a system which would help empower people around with whatever resources are available to them Also Growing up as a woman in India and coming from a conservative family pursuing education has always been difficult Since when I was a teenager I have always been passionate about women education and rights I started volunteering at different literacy camps like Needs Gujarat Asman group etc to teach women and girls about receiving basic education and I think everyone has a right to educate themselves Teaching at the camp was just eye opening it gave me an opportunity to understand what they go through to receive education with empathy and fight for what is right Upon completing an Associates degree in Computer Engineering I realized the importance of education even more This led me to pursue a graduate degree in Interactive Media Design Coming to the United States opened my gates to endless possibilities towards refining myself and learning Interactive Media Design gave me a chance to utilize my computer science knowledge while satisfying my need for creativity Receiving a Bachelors in

Interactive Media Design from the University of Washington Bothell helped me learn how technology can be leveraged to craft experiences that have a purpose Through my bachelors I developed the skills that were helpful to make me learn about listening to others empathy and asking the right questions and making connections I want to pursue my Masters in Human Centered Design and Engineering because I want to explore further more on how I can connect between education technology and human empowerment I believe that through Masters in Human Centered Design and Engineering I will be able to explore in depth about the intersectionality between design technology education and social justice to effectively create solutions for real world problems I vision to bring people together with my learning and build a community around When I came to the United States I learned that I have endless possibilities in terms of better education resources and much more Working with Community Based Learning and Research at the University of Washington Bothell made me more passionate about research and service learning which led me to land a position in student government as a senator and a student at large to advocate in Olympia WA for affordable education This experience led me to Chair at Universal Leadership Conference at University of Washington Bothell Working with people who see the same vision as me was just amazing I learned how social justice service and leadership intertwine with each other through educating students While in Interactive Media Design most of my projects were based on social justice and empowerment

 Whether it be research about exploring cultural identities and how they affect the ethical decision making of a person through augmented reality or it be video prototyping about cyberbullying it was always about how can I connect education with technology In my senior capstone I alongside three other women on a team wanted to create a project and tool that takes a feminist standpoint on raising awareness of street harassment and the objectification of minority women in public spaces While researching and interviewing with different users it was just they wanted to see a platform where people can connect and the system has the capability to be expanded to other hate speech against racial and LGBTQIA groups From studying the theories of human centered design to learning the about cutting edge technology for user experience from understanding the design methodologies and tools to applying the theories to real life examples in different projects

These courses will teach me the knowledge and skills necessary to find out how to enable users through design while exploring the unknowns of human centered design What appeals to me more are the Directed Research Groups and research areas like Influencing Behavior Thinking and Awareness and Low Resource and Underserved Populations My work experience helped me understand that besides the design a user friendly product relies on designers knowledge and discretion in various aspects such as cognitive science engineering methodologies research skills and so on Thus my mind could be further opened through the hands on work and collaboration with faculty and classmates who share similar academic interests with me In particular I am interested in the research areas with an emphasis on the relationship between technology and human behavior and how they influence each other I want to help achieve a better education and living system for everyone especially people in the underdeveloped countries With Human Centered design engineering I will learn how to develop functional realistic systems which would actually help to uplift the quality of life I hope to bring my learnings and thoughts on the user experience to group discussions research and collaborations I also believe that my cultural and work background along with my strategic thinking curiosity and diversity lense will bring the program a unique and fresh perspective I think that a successful designer always puts human needs at the forefront and HCDE s persistence in people first concepts and excellence in design and engineering craftsmanship are exactly what I am looking for to start my journey as a user experience designer and researcher

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