Essay Example on Effective interventions for a dyslexic and dyscalculia child in the fourth grade








Purpose The purpose of my study is to explore effective interventions for a dyslexic and dyscalculia child in the fourth grade Parents should be informed that children with dyslexia not only have difficulties in reading but with math too which is known as dyscalculia The Understood Team 2017 Dyslexia is having difficulties reading and processing the sounds of words Dyscalculia is having difficulty with comprehension and processing number concepts and skills in math The child I am using for this study has issues recalling basic math facts does not understand many words related to math and uses his fingers to count I also noticed that he becomes frustrated and confused which then causes the child to become anxious and angry then shuts down Some interventions that I will use for this study is a software called text to speech TTS and guided practice In this study I will use different techniques to collect data including pretest and posttest informal formal observations and interviews The assessments will help me gather feedback on the severity of his learning disabilities and give me a clear sense of the student progress

They help us build a shared understanding between the teacher and student and shows what areas students need improvement Buczynski Hansen 2014 Research Questions After implementing text to speech did it improve the student's vocabulary effectively Did the intervention of guided practice help reduce anxiety and tailor to the student's specific needs Forms of Data Collecting data is any form of information observations or facts that are collected or recorded during your action research The forms of data I will use for my action research proposal will be doing observations and taking notes and questionnaire survey to gather background information and progress on the student This will also help me obtain information on previous student work activities and prior interventions to determine what has been effective The student will be given pretest before the study begins on vocabulary My research will be a mixed method data collection I will use the quantitative method because I will be using the information from assessments given at the beginning and at the end of the research Also making conclusions from results gathered from using these interventions TTS and guided practice All the information obtained will allow me to answer my action research questions from my results from using interventions and by being objective and backing up my statements with evidence using my sources

The Writing Center n d I will use the qualitative method because I will be enquiring about the student by doing a questionnaire survey observations and taking notes Mills 2014 p 107 Value of Data The first form of data that will be used for my action research proposal is giving the student a pretest This pretest will be used to test word recognition and vocabulary First I will make sure the environment is non distracting and comfortable to make him less anxious and nervous The pretest will be a word matching assessment that has the definitions on one side and the vocabulary words on the other Then he must select the appropriate vocabulary word from the box to complete the sentences He will also be given a small math worksheet to solve two or three problems This will allow me to gather background information on his disability and understanding of the material and take notes on his behavior The second form of data that will be used consist of observing the child s reaction and progress when taking the pretest without help or additional information Then observing and record the child's reaction and progress providing strategies that work best for him I will also be taking notes and analyzing information after the interventions of TTS and guided practice to examine if they were effective and if there was any improvement Text to speech is a type of assistive technology that is helpful for students to complete everyday tasks especially those with learning disabilities 

The Understood Team 2017 It helps children who have difficulties reading standard print and can scan and read the words to the student in a human voice The best part of it is that it can be customize by making speed up or slow down and changing the language and voice to meet the needs of the child Guided practice will be introduced when doing math assignments and by demonstrating the problem and teach the student a strategy that works best for him The Regents of University of Michigan 2017 The third data collection tool that I will use is a parent questionnaire survey This will help me by providing information from the parents if the student has progressed from the beginning and throughout the research These questionnaires surveys will be given to continuously and systematically retrieve evidence and making sure the student did learn the material Buczynski Hanson 2014 I will also be giving the student a post assessment to check for understanding and check for improvements in his vocabulary and word recognition

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