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El a drive to succeed unknown to wealthier Princeton students furthermore it becomes increasingly clear that Jim tries to fake a connection with Changez for selfish limits He is a lonely middle aged man looking for a friend He may even be sexually attracted to Changez Yet the other side of the danger is also challenge making such as connections between Changez and the Stranger s encounter in the back street It can be seen like it just as possibly might turns to violence Likewise The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a book about growing up It is not completely clear what Changez grows up to be He returns to Pakistan and becomes a university lecturer but the novel never reveals whether or not that he has become a supporter of terrorist groups or simply a peaceful critic of American foreign policy Changez identity is unclear It may also be unclear to Changez himself The doubt of the ending in which it is unclear whether he is about to be friend or attack the Stranger may be read as a sign that Changez is still grow Even so Hamid shows people judge one another based on their clothing their skin color and their behaviors They are aware that he is foreigner in the United States When they travel to Greece together Changez experiences various forms of racism His friends think of him that he is good even Erica is attracted to Changez After September

11 Changez meets people and hostile forms of racism in America Though he is really Pakistani and is detained at an airport and harassed by a security officer In Changez s case racism ultimately motivations him from his adopted country of the United States back to Pakistan Litcharts Fourthly the themes of novel Exit West by Mohsin Hamid contract with a loss of home on a global scale In this novel a couple flees from an unnamed country due to a civil war The novel starts to a love story and give the information how Nadia and Saeed meet and part their everyday lives However as the conditions become worse day by day in their country Nadia and Saeed s lives change and the novel begins to challenges The larger impact of people s home who leave behind and how much that can change people Generally Nadia more independent and strong than Saeed They live alone at the beginning of the novel If she wears a black robe but she is not religious and when Saeed asks her why she wears it She tells him its to safe men from disturbing her Whereas Saeed is religious and lives with his parents Initially Nadia is cautious about promising completely to Saeed but when the violence in their city start It becomes too dangerous Although Nadia and Saeed finally make the difficult decision to find refugee in another country Rather than detail the hardships Nadia and Saeed face as they travel from their home country to Greece then to England and then to the United States Hamid uses the concept of apparently magical door that transports them from place to place Some of these characters also use magical doors to escape from the strict realities of their lives but others simply everybody have own experiences Nadia and Saeed experience in their own country yet this novel is extremely relevant 

The researcher thinks many Americans have wrong thought about refugees But this novel provides understanding on the psychological effects that they face as they travel from their homes While in a perfect world the researcher wants to be saying Nadia and Saeed s relationship would grow stronger after permanent live together But Nadia and Saeed adjust to what has become of their lives that they want to change Exit West explores what happens when two people are moving together and they must do something for survive Though it is easily understated that this novel is so interesting It provides vision to humanity and how all people have similarity though they may come from completely different places Nadia and Saeed did not blame the natives of the countries They traveled to even though they faced aggression and danger The novel provides a sense of hope that people will find comforting given the current state of the world Chrisco Katie 19 Apr 2017 Yet in How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Hamid wrote that time is the stuff of which a self is made Exile too has a temporality The final night of a father and son is in the moment of narration a night that was just beginning Hamid grows in contrast to the secured flows of time that characterizes a home migrant life feels like displacement from the self The researcher does not expect such intimacy from this genre of story or at least researcher expect something as intimate and horrific as a photograph of a dead child in the shallows Anyway Hamid in his three earlier novels Moth Smoke The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia worked in a satirical voice that he has now left behind These books from before the migrant crisis of his time How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia focuses on a single unnamed man who born poor in South Asia in his novel also city and country are unnamed who rises to great wealth In each book he focuses the problems of the self and choice Livingstone Josephine

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