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ELA Honors Short Story. It was January 12 2006 It was a dark and stormy night and the air seemed to exhale fear It was cold It was wet If there was ever a time for the worst to happen this was it Three loud knocks sounded at the front door everyone froze No one knocked on their door No one All you could hear was the quiet murmurs from outside No one answered the door they all just sat there as if time was frozen Three more knocks shook the small place they had to call home No one knew what was happening except for Mallory She sat there teary eyed waiting for them to open the door waiting for them to save her Open the door We know you re in there A man whom no one in the house knew the name of called out The youngest of the family Noah started to cry He was too young to understand the situation at hand and was petrified Mallory quickly grabbed her younger brother trying to sooth him by whispering into his ear it ll be okay Noah Once again three knocks sounded Mallory Open the door we know you re in there We just want to help you A sweet women said to the door To Mallory her voice was like heaven it's sweet tone resembling the sound of an angel Mallory suddenly stiffened The man she has to call her father glared at her sending her a deadly look She knew what was about to happen Mallory took five steps back to her other brother James He was crying She bent down and placed Noah on his lap and kissed each other their foreheads They could heard the voices outside getting louder and sirens blasting

This only angered the man standing ten feet away from her even more YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE He lunged at her and grabbed a hold of her hair pulling her off the ground from her brothers Mallory clutched her eyes shut WHAT DID I TELL YOU HUH IM GONNA KILL YOU A loud slap filled the air Mallory gasped in pain and clutched her face She thought he was gonna do it again What if the women with the nice voice didn't save them in time What if they were to late L Look away James Mallory didn t even have enough time to finish her sentence before she was thrown to the floor She heard quiet whimpers from an unknown voice as a kick to her stomach sent a sharp pain through her whole body causing her to scream vigorously She never felt the kicking stop She never heard door bust open or her mother and father screaming at her while they were being dragged away to a police car She never heard her brothers crying for her asking her what was happening She never felt the paramedics putting her onto the stretcher She never knew were she was going When Mallory woke up in a hospital she wasn't too surprised She felt bad for wishing she had died She knew no one would look after her brothers if she died she was all they had Mallory sighed as she slowly sat up to be blinded by how white the room was Where were her brothers Where was the lady with the nice voice Before she could start panicking a petite and plump nurse wobbled her way into the room Oh good Mallory your awake

How do you feel The cheery nurse smiled at her Her tone made Mallory cringe she wasn't used to happy people I m okay Where are my brothers Are they okay The nurses smile fell and her eyes wandered to the ground before looking up at the broken girl sympathetically Oh honey I m so sorry they were taken to a foster home I'm sure they're okay though The nurse stuttered Mallory felt dizzy and the room began to swirl Mallory had not realized she was crying until the wet droplet landed on her hand She had sat still for a few minutes trying to figure out what was happening Then it hit her and the tears cames flooding out of her eyes Mallory s head was spinning and her whole body felt tingly Ice was running through her veins She wanted to run away from the world the people the animals she even wanted to run away from herself Shallow breathing Heart racing Total panic She was at her worst It felt like a terrorist attack or being chased by dinosaurs yet while you want to run for your life you can t The last thing she remembers was the lady with the nice voice telling her it would be okay and that when she woke up she would be at her new home The sun comes up every morning but do you know where Each place it's somewhere different

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