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Today in the political world the Electoral College is known to either take away from voters or to solve certain issues While this has been in the American voting system for well over 200 years Americans still do not understand the concept of its purpose The Electoral College is embodied and supported in the United States Constitution and the twelfth amendment Voters do not vote directly for the president instead they vote for electors in the Electoral College Therefore this structure is responsible for identifying which candidate is suitable for presidency This group consists of 538 members and is composed of all states relating to the current number of representatives and senators The Electoral College comes with a purpose and a background of history although today it still leads to controversy on whether or not it is an acceptable part of the election process To begin with the Electoral College dates back to 1787 and it was established by the framers of the United States Constitution which was a negotiation and resolution for the election process In other words this was a compromise among the popular election of the President and congressional preference

This put forth a way to include voter s voices and votes as well as a safeguard of knowledgeable electors who will appoint who the president should be The thoughts of popular vote being too uncontrolled and power giving to larger areas devised the Electoral College in its commonly known form In fact the objective of this process at the time was to create a management on the electorate that could be deceived According to PBS Politics Hamilton and other creators could not rely on the population and citizens to make good decisions They supposed that the Electoral College could not be influenced by governments From the government and founding perspective it pursued to settle different state and federal appeals include popular participation in the election up to an extent provide the densely inhabited states an advantage in the procedure by accommodating senatorial electors and mostly protect the election procedure from political influence This is now incorporated and described in the twelfth amendment the Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice President one of whom at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves

Although according to The Conversation the Electoral College polarized Americans from its inception In other words while this is a much debated topic in the political field there are two sides standing to it The Electoral College is a system in our government to making voting more fair although some citizens do not perceive it to be that way There are many explanations supporting that the American electoral system benefits voters From a spectrum it allows smaller states to be included since popular vote would create political focus to be on larger states It intended to make sure our decisions are based upon educated and well knowledgeable individuals In fact the Founders wanted to balance the will of the populace against the risk of tyranny of the majority in which the voices of the masses can drown out minority interests Basically the Founders ensured there will not be an up rise of power within the majority With this in mind those who support the Electoral College sets good boundaries to ensure that everyone has a voice Moving on since there is another way to take votes into account known as the popular vote some citizens believe this is the method that would best suit their interests and their government s system To begin with some express that this disfranchises voters from their voice thus ignoring the will of the people 

From a glance of historical voting events it does seem that it devalues votes from citizens A recent event this implies to would be the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Hilary won the popular vote by much more but lost due to a lower amount of electoral votes than Donald Trump This caused disturbance and shock amongst citizens who were in for Hilary Clinton Others argue that such a system in place shifts the focus of presidential candidates for they only need to focus on a certain amount of states known as swing state dominance While the organization pleases the ego of smaller states this leads to devaluing votes depending on states Based on fairvote org each vote in Wyoming sums nearly four times as much in the Electoral College as each individual vote in Texas Also there is concern for dishonest electors from the Electoral College which is evident in the election of Al Gore in 2000 This controversial viewpoint provides an extensive aspect of how unbeneficial the Electoral College can be In conclusion the Electoral College has been an enduring compromise remaining as a stable foundation laid out by the American Founding Fathers In my opinion from afar it does seem to take away from a citizen's voting experience and voice although to understand its purpose and reasons causes a shift in my perspective In the meantime the question of whether or not the Electoral College is suitable for today comes up often It is important for citizens to take into justification the history of the Electoral College to recognize its intended drive So far the Electoral College is the central element of American electoral structure Yet it is still up to us citizens so what is your viewpoint on the Electoral College

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