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Abstract Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study of electricity electronics and electromagnetism Since electrical engineers are specialized in electricity they work on many of the equipment and technology that requires electricity Electrical engineers need to have good communication teamwork problem solving skills and a strong foundation in math and science In order to become an electrical engineer one must graduate with a degree in electrical engineering in college There is always a demand for electrical engineers as the technology and use of electricity is always expanding Description of Field Electrical engineers design maintain and improve products that are powered by or produce electricity They often work with the circuitry and wiring of the electronic component They must be proficient in the use of engineering and design software and a variety of laboratory equipment They also often work in teams to discuss and collaborate on projects to create the best product Areas of Specialization Different areas of specialization in electrical engineering includes communications and signal processing computer engineering electrophysics microelectronics and power systems Communications and signal processing deals with the challenge of how to effectively and efficiently deliver information from one place to the other Students in this specialization often work with internet cellular and satellite communications Students specializing in computer engineering work on the design analysis and application of computer systems They work with the core concepts in programming languages computer architecture systems software algorithms and circuits 

The electrophysics specialization deals with bringing ideas that emerge from basic physics and work to develop them into practical reality They work with optics lasers detectors microwaves particle beams nanotechnology magnetics and electromagnetics Microelectronics integrates electronics and physical functions into a single tiny device They work with integrated circuits semiconductor devices and create intelligent sensors and microsystems The specialization in power systems encompasses the generation distribution and control of electric power They work with electromechanical transducers motors generators and transformers They also work with emerging technology and they work on discovering possible new sources of power Job Prospects The job outlook for electrical engineering has been projected to grow by 7 from the years 2016 to 2026 The BLS estimated that about 154 000 electrical engineers were employed in 2010 With the expected 7 increase in growth it will result in the creation of 10 700 new jobs by 2020 Where They Might Work There are many job opportunities for electrical engineers They are able to work for any company where the use of electricity is used For example there are electrical engineering job positions at companies such as Boeing Google IBM Apple or even electricity suppliers Expected Salary Range In 2017 the national median entry level salary for electrical engineers is 67 550 and the mean annual salary was 98 620 In Hawaii the average entry level position starts at 54 640 and the mean annual salary is 85 820 Duties and Responsibilities

 The duties and responsibilities of electrical engineers include designing developing collaboration ethics One of the main things that electrical engineers do is designing They often design different devices or products that will improve people's lives 

They often use computer assisted design software to draw blueprints with specific measurements Another thing that many electrical engineers do is oversee product development They analyze prototypes of devices and circuits to use the results to build the final products Electrical engineers also often work together and collaborate with other engineers so that they can share ideas and create the best product Electrical engineers test their products to make sure that they do no harm any consumers They make honest and realistic claims of their products and disclose any issues that could endanger the public or environment They make ethical decisions and only take on projects that their training qualifies them to handle College Preparation Needed To become an engineer you need a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering To get this degree you need to meet all the requirements Students must maintain a 2 0 GPA and complete all required courses

There are many advanced science and math courses that students must complete Students must also complete elective courses in electrical engineering Courses needed in High School To attend a university that contains the electrical engineering degree students must graduate high school With that students must also take either the SAT or ACT and send those scores to the college Personal statements personal information and letters of recommendation are also often required Summary of Report From this report I learned a lot about electrical engineers I learned a lot about what they do what kind of specializations there are the different places where they might work their expected salary range and the different courses that I need to take in college to complete the degree From what I learned the specialization in computer engineering really seemed interesting and working at places like Boeing or Apple sounds really cool I also learned about what to expect and all the different challenges that I will face on my way to become an electrical engineer The different science and math courses will be tough but since I enjoy math and science it will not be that bad Overall electrical engineering still seems really cool to me and I feel that it could be a career that I am interested in

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