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INTRODUCTION Electronic Medical records are the modern documentation system where the patient's information both clinical and non clinical data is stored in a single record or file system where the information can be retrieved viewed managed stored with years of previous medical records and history at any point of time under the physician patient and authorized personnel control EMRs also ease the communication between the physician staff members and the patients by allowing transparent handling of billing check in referrals discharges allowing the patient to schedule or cancel appointments directly according to their schedules which provides an overall care coordination between the patient and the physician CHALLENGES Having discussed a few of the advantages of EMRs in the above introduction there are also some challenges which are faced during the EMRs implementation one of them is often getting doctors on board with the new system As in this present case scenario where the pediatrician is refusing to implement the new EMR system stating that it is decreasing her productivity and interfering with her interaction with the patients Well honestly I totally agree with her on her fears concerns and glad that she expressed her issues directly which is easy to solve them when you know what the problem is PRODUCTIVITY DROP 

The main concern of any physician is the productivity drop Any new system let it be an EHR or a new regulatory system always has an impact on the productivity We should explain the physician that the situation is temporary and the hospital system should focus on a long term benefits of the EMRs for the physicians as well as patients especially when the government is posing a mandatory rule in majority of the medical centres with the meaningful use of HIPAA and that if its EMR certified there are some added incentives with the Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs and that in future again all the patients would sought out for hospitals which are EMR certified INTERACTION WITH PATIENTS Another concern is her communication and interaction with her patients This might be because of two reasons because physicians often become frustrated when they are not well versed with the documentation with the EMR system and they have to spend more time documenting and feel like data clerks rather than actually treating the patients which is their major work role and which makes them happy However if we thoroughly explain the importance of documentation through EMRs and make them trained efficiently to document quickly they will actually become professionals in no time and actually begin to understand the importance of EMR documentation especially in emergency situations which saves a lot of time and as well as others lives For old practitioners who are really not well versed with modern technology there are also certain softwares and applications which actually takes your voice notes directly into the EMR documentation without any requirement of typing which is both easy and flexible to the physician as well as EMR implementation Another option is to give the option of filing out the EMRs by the patient themselves when they are waiting in the patient waiting room and fill out the remaining by the physician by using tablets instead of laptops which makes the physician feel that they are still using the paper charts similar to tablets and still focus on trating patients and maintaining good eye contact with them and make the patients feel that the doctors are giving attention to them instead of just typing and filing the EMRs The hospital administration should also try to help ease out the burden on the physicians in EMR documentation as much as they can and keep them happy so that they can do their work what they are best at HINTING THAT SHE WILL QUIT AS A PHYSICIAN

The pediatrician has hinted that if she is forced to use the EMR she will take her practice and her patients and set up next door In this scenario especially as she is a pediatrician by herself we should make her realise that it is actually beneficial to her practice only if she uses an EMR based health record system Because as a pediatrician it is a hectic job to keep a track record of all the history of patient right from childhood sometimes she loses it or sometimes the patients because of travel or some other reasons But with the EMRs it is actually beneficial to document the medical history of the patient right from childhood right from their birth natal prenatal and postnatal history their immunisation status blood compatibilities birth injuries allergies medications etc all the records will be documented in a single record instead of asking the patient or their parents to run over the records again and again and the patients also feel comfortable that the physician has a track of all their medical history so they feel confident and satisfied So in a way it does not reduce the productivity but increase the productivity as well as build up more rapport with the patients But as a health informaticist we should be able to guide the pediatrician to be able to see all the possible sides of EMRs instead of just pointing out at the problem

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