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Emily Dickinson uses point if view in I Heard a Fly buzz when I died In this poem Emily Dickinson looks back at the moment of death when death is happening The theme of this poem is that death is meaningless After trying to tell everyone that she heard a fly buzz when she passed away Emily Dickinson tells us the moment that made up to this event The first part of the poem describes the silence of the room before she died as like the quiet between two parts of a storm Emily dickinson talk about how death is beautiful Dickinson and that is depressing In lines 5 and 6 she says the eyes around me had wrung them dry Dickinson That quote means that people were crying too much that their eyes are dry The people that were crying are depressed resigned or even at peace The quoted evidence illustrates the theme by that people are crying or even at peace that death is meaningless to Emily dickinson and she is depressing but people were crying that much that their eyes were dry In lines 7 and 8 Emily dickinson says for the last onset when the king be witnessed in the room Dickinson What we think we are probably going to see and what all those dry eyes are probably watching for is death and all it talks about is death This is the part when everything is going to change forever when a person is really dead when they breath for the last time 

This is what Dickinson calls the last Onset line 7 She tells us that what we and the family and the dying patient are waiting for is the moment when the King be witnessed in the Room This quote illustrates to the theme by that Emily dickinson at that point is dead and she doesn't care about death that death is meaningless to her When she says the king that means she is referring king to god she is waiting for the god to be witnessed in the room that means she is ready to die and death is meaningless for her This quote illustrates the theme because she is referring king to god and she is just waiting for god to come in the room so she can die When she says I willed my keepsakes signed away what portion of me assignable and the it was line 9 Dickinson backs of that point and the speaker also talks about giving her possessions away This is maybe a sweet or sad or maybe a little bit of being happy scene In the final act the speaker gives up all the things she won't be needing anymore her keepsakes as she calls them When she says assignable that means that when she is about to leave the world she wants some things to stay behind so people can remember her This is a really a calm scene This quote refers to the theme because she is giving away all he possessions but she still wants to be remembered so death is really meaningless to her The book outsiders by S E Hinton it is about a teen gang in Oklahoma Ponyboy and johnny boy the main characters in the book get into a brawl that ends by killing one of the gang members and they must go and hide After that ponyboy and johnny get along with with intense and the other greaser bodies have to face some consequences for it While some greasers try to achieve redemption others are going to have tragic ends 

One of the best quotes by ponyboy that I really like is I lie to myself all the time ponyboy This quote connects to freedom of selfhood by because ponyboy is selfish he wants everything for himself and does not really want to help anyone besides his gang He lies to himself all the time about everything and he is not free he does not want to tell himself the truth The second quote is by the author stay gold ponyboy stay gold The author is trying to tell us that ponyboy does not have freedom of selfhood to himself but the author is saying stay gold ponyboy that means stay true to yourself and don't lie to yourself The one significant and magnificent thing that happened in my life that is kinda similar to the outsiders is that I really had bad friends back then I kinda wanted to follow their footsteps through everything Once 6 months ago I got in trouble for fighting and I really let my parents down I disappointed my parents with everything and I also thought It is going to my college application but it really wasn't I just had to do 45 hours of community service and it would get off my record Once I did my community service I stopped going around bad people and I became a good guy and I stopped doing all that and now my goal is to have better grades and make my parents proud by playing sports and becoming the best tennis player in the world

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