Essay Example on Emotionally focused family therapy and attachment based family therapy








Model theory or approach I have chosen to discuss emotionally focused family therapy and attachment based family therapy These two models help demonstrate how to help the families with children I have learned from the article that emotionally focused therapists have to be flexible and creative in engaging the family and be accessible and responsive across the family system Individuals looking for attachment are typically looking for the security contact and protection and securely attached individuals can often turn to their individuals and family members who resent these characteristics Individuals such as young adolescent lack may security and as a result they become more anxious When the parents respond to their children's needs that is when they form the secure attachment The emotionally focused family theory can be done in stages In stage one the therapist can meet with the parents individually then with a child or children individually and then together a family unit Through this model therapist invites each family member to share how they view the presenting problem and how they tried to solve the problem Therapist tries to create a trusting bond with the family and then in stage two he or she focus on the unmet needs of the children any underlying emotions or needs as well as parents response to their children's needs The final stage then focuses on consolidation of the changes and implementing new ways to help create the secure attachment
My professional and personal values I like this model because it helps families become more open more responsive and engaged among them It also helps them resolve their old problems by using the new ways they have learned I like the idea that each individual has the ability to express how they see the problem and also that they each come up with new ways of helping them resolve the issues Professionally I would use the emotionally focused therapy model with the couples and attachment model to help with the families with children My personal views are that when children do not have sense of security at home from their parents and their needs are not addressed they can have unstable relationships of their own in the future as they seek for that attachment and may not be able to build trusting relationships They also may be at risk of developing anxiety issues along the way Evaluation of the model This particular model was evaluated through a case study of the couple with four children four sons and how the outcome of this approach was successful In the past clinical trials have supported the effectiveness of this model and the research of 30 years has shown how changing interactions between the family members can be a good way to make positive changes and strengthen family resilience Study discussed one of the case examples therefore I am going to say it was not a diverse population

One of the sons had oppositional behavior and argued with his siblings disrespected his parents peers and had poor grades and these behaviors were affecting the family The trained therapist had worked with the family and this was the voluntary group Ethical considerations were that although the son Tony is only fourteen he still has the right to have his individual sessions and the therapist had met with the parents and with the siblings separately and then together as a unit but not with Tony individually He did make sure that everyone was able to voice their opinion Family therapy skills and Multi stressed families I have learned the importance of secure attachment when it comes to adolescent relationships with their parents and also that it is important for everyone to have their voice during the sessions as well as working together as a unit to help solve the issues I would use this model with multi stressed families because they may be experiencing similar issues as described in the article and the model seems to be successful It also provides strengths and resilience to family m members and focusses on them individually and as a unit Attachment model seem to be helpful with families with children especially young adolescent Advancing human rights 

This model does advance human rights because it helps individuals express their feelings and their view of the problem It also focuses on the sense of belonging among members of families and acceptance and compassion toward the emotions of others which ultimately makes the family unit stronger It also promotes positive expression of one s needs This model does make sure that each member is treated with respect and dignity and has a voice I think I would utilize this model because it has proven to be successful and helpful I would not use it if it did not allow each individual to express themselves because this would mean lack of human rights Conclusions I think it is important to get to know each family individually and as unit It helps us discover more about them then just making assumptions or going by what one member of the family might have expressed to us Finding a good theory model to use in practice with families can be challenging particularly with the families from another culture where the man is the head of the household and he may be the one speaking while others listen

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