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ABSTRACT The present paper focus on the employ of technology in education learning procedure that will really donate to assemble student requirements for learning anyplace anytime Addition of Information and communiqué Technologies ICT into instruction and education development is a rising pasture which has multiplicity of definitions according to special point of observation A especially familiar vision assert that the purpose of ICT processes should be accessible in an incorporated way as well as existing model require to be developed for the teachers in categorize for the incorporation procedure to get better students learning Based on the principle that the incorporation process should reinforce learning of students there is necessitate to present an incorporated point of view in the purpose of these processes and to build up some tangible examples for teachers Consequently the major idea of this study is to build up a representation assess the ICT incorporation procedure and serving to advance students learning This association among the use of skill and constructivist pedagogy implies constructivist minded teachers continue active student centered classrooms where technology is an influential knowledge tool Further specially this paper aim at identify the level of computer skills and information of primary school teachers in the education and learning procedure

A very ordinary vision assert that the purpose of ICT processes should be obtainable in an incorporated technique as well as tangible sculpt require to be residential for the teachers in classifying for the incorporation process to get better students education Furthermore outcome illustrate that teachers should at all times be prepared and well appointed in conditions of ICT competencies and optimistic approach to make available ICT based knowledge opportunity for students to get better their education excellence The major rationale of this learning is to build up a representation assess the ICT incorporation procedure and serving to get better students knowledge Future study require to judge additional aspects of ICT combination particularly from the administration position of vision such as planned preparation and strategy production Nowadays the direct information provided by accumulation medium the Internet and a number of other quickly developing means of international announcement give a possibility to observe and contrast the point of wellbeing of nations and persons of variety and impartiality in dissimilar societies All this might put a match to displeasure and direct to conflict Keywords Information and International Communication Technologies ICT incorporation Enhancing learning Educational enhancement Teacher Education INTRODUCTION Many scholars are in agreement that at the dawn of the 21st century learning freedom should not keep on to be as production as common

The conventional three literacy appraisal characters and mathematics is challenge by an unparalleled fast formation and distribution of information and knowledge therefore the move from a manufacturing civilization to facts Society Knowledge civilization is the civilizations that know how to use information Kwando 2007 For the effectual use of information one requirement is additional than conventional interpretation writing and mathematics skills Can ICTs assist to assemble the instructive supplies of the digital era The answer to this problem is not directly onward as it may appear First of all ICTs are not a definite enchantment stick that educationists can tremble to fasten all the educational challenges face in the existing information civilization The stress and concerns in front of the teaching activities were not shaped by ICTs and will not be determined by ICTs moreover It is departing to be very hard if not impractical for country to assemble the purpose of efficient education for all wherever and anytime Integrate ICT into teaching and learning is not an original idea For Wang and Woo 2007 it might be as old as other technology such as radios or television

Wang and Woo 2000 explain incorporation as have a common sense of totality or comprehensiveness by which all necessary fundamentals of an arrangement are impeccably united together to make a complete Whilst acknowledging that defining both terms technology and integration may drive the problem Earle 2002 supports the position by Wang and Woo when he argues that integration does not only indicate the situation of hardware in classrooms He further contends that technology must be pedagogically sound and go further than information recovery to crisis solving Why should ICTs be used in education and learning In answering this problem Is technical combination essential in higher education Miller 2000 distinguish that knowledge base instruction may not be necessary in all lessons but usually it is most facilitative as a consequence of provided that applicable examples and demonstration altering the direction of the classroom prepare students for employ rising flexibility of freedom growing admission and fulfilling community demands for competence The complete principle of using skills in education is to give enhanced assessment to students This improved assessment should also force the learners students performance The effectual utilizations of new technologies in teaching involve both incorporation and adjustment processes amid the accessible and beginner educational society

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