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Energy Sources Proposal For Augusta GA Town Council Purpose Energy Source Analysis Nonrenewable Diesel fuel Diesel is a distillate fuel used in generators that supply electricity in large facilities for backup or emergency power However is mostly in commercial freight trucks trains transportation buses private and commercial boats farming vehicles and construction vehicles Diesel is moved to the terminals from the refineries by pipelines barges and trains Trucks transport it from the terminal to the consumer and retail stations Pros Diesel fuel has been a key player in the energy economy according to US Energy Information Administration In 2016 diesel fuel accounted for about 21 of the petroleum fuels consumed by the U S transportation sector US EIA 2017 The demand of diesel fuel in the United States is generally consistent It is largely consumed by the farming construction and industrial vehicles and preferred over gasoline for its better performance and efficiency 

The US military is also a big consumer of diesel fuel because it is less flammable than other alternatives It is used in most large industrial size backup and emergency generators to generate electricity Fuel economy is better in diesel powered engines than gasoline engines The EPA has implemented an emissions standards for 2007 diesel vehicles and later models to operate only with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel ULSD fuel Using ULSD fuel and advanced exhaust emission control systems can reduce vehicle particulate emissions by up to 90 and emissions of nitrogen compounds NOx by 25 50 US EIA 2017 Cons Consumer prices of diesel fuel are higher that gasolines The international demand of diesel fuel can affect prices in the U S High crude oil cost especially imported crude oil largely affects retail prices When burned diesel fuel produces harmful emissions and diesel powered vehicles are a large contributor of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere Diesel fuel is still a major source of air pollution in the United States even with the EPA emission standard of 2007 because replacing the older model vehicles will take a long time Renewable Energy Biomass Biomass is developed from organic materials and it can be used to create electricity or other forms of energy Some of these materials use to generate biomass are scrap wood yard debris certain agricultural crops animal manure human sewage and some types of waste residues

This material is abundant and can easily managed for continues production of energy Biomass can be burned to release chemical energy or it can be converted to other forms of energy like as methane gas ethanol and biodiesel Pros Biomass can used to produce electricity biogas and biofuels making it possible to benefit from methane gas ethanol and biodiesel market as well Energy can be produced from Municipal Solid Waste MSW In 2014 about 258 million tons of MSW were generated in the United States of which 53 was landfilled 35 was recycled and composted 13 was burned for energy US EIA 2017 Biomass energy plants generated about 14 billion kilowatt hours of electricity This accounted for nearly 64 of the MSW in 2015 and reducing contamination from landfills by burning MSW Released carbon dioxide CO2 from biomass is nearly 100 captured by the plants through photosynthesis while they are growing making it what many call a carbon neutral energy source MSW landfills use the EPA tested ash from biomass energy plants for their landfills Cons in 2016 only about 5 of the energy used in the US came from Biomass fuels Landfills generate strong greenhouse gasses that are also flammable the US Clean Air Act requires that a gas collection and control system is installed for landfills of a certain size A greenhouse gas containing carbon dioxide CO2 is released into the environment from the burning of biomass releases 

Air pollution and other chemicals from the burning of MSW can be dangerous for the environment and to people if not controlled properly The ash from biomass energy plants can contain cadmium lead and other material that can contaminate the environment the cost environmental impact and scalability of the technology as well as the future of the town and the energy source Recommended Energy Solution Based on this analysis my recommendation the Biomass Energy Solution to the Augusta GA Town Council that for todays investment and as well as for the future investment of 2015 Although Diesel energy is currently a key player in the energy industry today it is in decline due to its high production of harmful emissions excessive cost of crude oil and the expected growth of biodiesel On the other hand Biomass Energy in a growing and very versatile solution that can produce electricity biogas and biofuels while having a lower impact in the environment Investing in Biomass today will make a substantial contribution to the environment and at the same time will take advantage of a growing energy solution that is expected to be one of the leading solutions by the year 2025

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