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The issue of the use of the mother tongue in the EFL classroom. Bilingual Approach and Monolingual Approach

1 Introduction. The issue of the use of the mother tongue in the EFL classroom has witnessed a debate on whether it should be used or isolated. In fact, it has been accepted as a taboo by teachers who supports the idea of English only for many years. Kahraman 2009 says that in spite of the new inclinations about language teaching and learning over the course of the twentieth-century, incorrect presumptions survived deep-rooted in terms of teaching English in EFL classrooms with the idea of English Only and the help of native speaker who is accepted as an optimal teacher of English. From this point of view, some second or foreign language teachers are accepted as the supporters of the Monolingual Approach and Bilingual Approach. 

If a teacher prefers using target language without any mother language word this is called Monolingual Approach and it only permits using target language with four skills. On the contrary ıf, a teacher has doubts about using the mother tongue or use it very judiciously and logically this is called Bilingual Approach. There are monolingual learners who are experiencing learning a new language for the first time and there are bilingual learners who have experienced learning a new language once before.

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