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Equal pay is something that women have been fighting for throughout many years To this day this issue has not yet been resolved Women have struggled to be accepted as equals when it comes to being paid the same as males for the same job At the same time some of the men are almost oblivious to what is happening This has been an ongoing fight for females and it is about time it ends since it can be beneficial to the economy as a whole Women have been fighting for equal pay as early as 1898 during the industrialization era Lerum 2013 The first bill that prohibited a pay discrimination towards women was the Women s Equal Pay Act of 1945 Lerum 2013 Sadly this bill did not pass the legislation During the years between 1948 and 1962 over seventy bills involving equal pay were purposed to Congress but none of the bills made it to a congressional hearing Lerum 2013 Since 1963 when the Equal Pay Act became a law women now earn roughly eighty cents to a man s dollar Siniscalco 2014 With that being said there are still many reasons as to why the pay gap has not been resolved The Paycheck Fairness Act was supposed to lessen the pay gap Lerum 2013 This was passed by Congress but the progress that has occurred since it has been passed is that women now make seventy seven cents to a man s dollar instead of fifty nine cents to the dollar Lerum 2013 People who were against the PFA thought it would increase the costs for lawsuits or benefit lawyers Lerum 2013 The PFA showed that the end goal is still the same for congressional members as it was back in 1962 but the gap is still evident Lerum 2013 

Another act that got enacted by the EPA was Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Siniscalco 2014 Title VII was supposed to provide more protection against discrimination throughout the hiring or promotion aspect of jobs Siniscalo 2014 This meant that an employer could not segregate or classify their employees Siniscalo 2014 Title VII was meant to prevent workers from feeling deprived of employment opportunities because it did not only pertain to claims of equal pay for equal work Siniscalco 2014 There are many other documents that were supposed to help end the pay gap between males and females but the pay gap persists in today's economy and there are still many people against it A Utah Republican James Green said that men have traditionally earned more than women and called it simple economics Guerra 2017 Once that statement was published in the Washington Post Green apologized and resigned from his position as the vice chair of the Wasatch County Republican Party Guerra 2017 The reasoning behind what Green had said was because he views it as the businesses that pay women the same as men will have to reduce the pay for the men to have the money for the women Guerra 2017 He also exclaimed that having women in the workforce would create competition for jobs that will in the end cause lower pay for all jobs Guerra 2017 In response to what James Green had said State Representative Tim Quinn denounced the comments and distanced himself from James Green Guerra 2017 Another reason that equal pay is an issue is because businesses are all about profits so they squeeze the pay across the board Tritch 2015 Tritch wrote in the New York Times that the pay of women would have to grow at a faster rate than the pay of men to achieve parity

Equal pay protections and the laws that support decent starting wages or steady raises have been diminished over the decades Tritch 2015 Even though there are reasons people are against equal pay for males and females everyone can profit from allowing females to make more money An MIT professor said that shifting from an all one gender would increase revenue by forty one percent Burdett 2016 It is also said that women control around twenty trillion dollars in global spending power so why not employ people who understand what motivates females to spend money Burdett 2016 Poverty rates would drastically fall especially in the households that are headed by married women and households headed by single mothers Hartmann 2015 Around fifty nine percent of women would earn more if they were being paid the same as men without discrimination based on age education levels or hours of work Hartmann 2015 Equal pay is something that women have been fighting for all over the world not just in the United States In Australia their economy would be boosted around ninety three billion dollars if women made the same as males Anonymous 2014 Equal pay would benefit businesses because diversity in viewpoints brings new ideas or perspectives to the job Burdett 2016 This would also attract the top male and female talent due to the recognition of contributions made by women Burdett 2016 A Solution to the pay difference would be to at least lower the amount between what males and females make which over time could lead to no gap Raising what females make will benefit everyone in the end scheme of things by boosting the economy and helping to end poverty Bills could be passed throughout different states to see how the economy is affected and then make the bill a law if it succeeds Congresswoman Sewell said When women succeed America succeeds The pay gap between males and females has been going on for centuries There has been little progress that has come from years of fighting Hopefully the future will bring change

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