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EUTROPHICATION INTRODUCTION Eutrophication is the enrichment of water with nutrient That means the water contain excess nutrient and cause to induce the growth of the phytoplankton and algae There have two type of Eutrophication which are Natural Eutrophication and Anthropogenic Eutrophication Natural Eutrophication is the process which the nutrient release from plant such as flower tree and so on This often happen in lake or pond Anthropogenic Eutrophication is the process that will increase the nutrient level in water rapidly which is caused by human s activities For example farming The main difference between Natural Eutrophication and Anthropogenic Eutrophication is the natural process is slower than the anthropogenic Therefore the main factor that causes the eutrophication is human activities EFFECT The fertiliser that the human use in farming contains nitrogen N and phosphorus P This two component will increase the nutrient level in water and cause the growth of the phytoplankton and algae increase Farmer use too much of fertiliser in their farming as they want to sell the crops in good price and get their income early

As a result the nutrient level in water increase rapidly and cause the phytoplankton and algae grow more rapidly This phenomena will disrupt normal ecosystem functioning and cause many problem For example Farms versus nature how do we decide what to protect Which written by Anna Roberts in the article named THE CONVERSATION PROCESS When the farmer use too much of fertiliser the excess of fertiliser will run off into the water from the soil This will lead the level of nutrient in the water increase As the nutrient level in the water increases more phytoplankton and algae can get enough nutrient from the water and grow Phytoplankton and algae may block the sunlight from plants under the water This will cause the plants cannot get enough sunlight to undergo photosynthesis for producing foods When the plants do not get enough food they will die and be decomposed by bacteria The oxygen will be used up for decomposition causes the concentration of oxygen decrease and increases the biochemical oxygen demand BOD in the water Hence many of the aquatic organisms such as fish prawn shark and many more will die as there is less oxygen in the water that provide to those aquatic organisms Besides some algae will produce harmful toxins to the water This harmful toxins will cause problem along the food chain and even destroy the balance ecosystem in the water 

The toxins will also cause the death of the aquatic organisms when they accidentally consume the toxin Human may die too as we consume the aquatic organism such as fish which ever consume the toxin We human do not think twice before we do so our action will affect the environment and ourselves THE WAYS TO PREVENT EUTROPHICATION There are many ways to prevent or slow down the process of Eutrophication The ways are reducing nutrient addition riparian buffers and ultrasonic irradiation REDUCING NUTRIENT ADDITION Since phosphorus is the main cause of Eutrophication so if we reduce it the eutrophication can be prevented Firstly we cannot over use the fertiliser This is because some of the fertiliser will not be bound to the soil When raining the excess fertiliser will run off into the nearest waterway Besides we can use the biodegradable fertiliser which do not contain phosphorus This can reduce the growth of the algae and slow down the process of Eutrophication Next we can stop the excess of phosphorus associated with detergent into the waterway by stopping use the detergent which contain phosphorus We can use biodegradable detergent to replace the detergent which contain phosphorus RIPARIAN BUFFERS Reduce the nutrient addition is not enough to reduce the process of Eutrophication as some of the people may still over fertilise or use the detergent which contain phosphorus On the other hand create riparian buffer is a way to prevent or slow down the process of the Eutrophication Riparian buffer is vegetated areas between a river or lake and the land use This is the method to trap the excess phosphorus and nitrogen which dissolved in the water 

Furthermore in 2003 one of the article which is written by Lee Isenhart and Schultz said that a combined species buffer zone can remove between 80 97 of the nitrogen and phosphorus run off into the water However in 1993 Haycock and Pinay found out that different species have contribute different rates of absorption to a buffer zone ULTRASONIC IRRADIATION This method is for blue green algae control This is recovered by Lee Nakano and Matsumara They carried out an experiment by irradiating the blue green algae The result showed that this irradiation collapses the gas vacuoles of blue green algae and effectively settles them at a short exposure time of 3 seconds Cavitation phenomena is caused by Ultrasonic Irradiation and produce free radical which can destroy the cell of blue green algae Moreover ultrasonic irradiation also inflicts immediate damage on photosynthetic activity and if the photosynthetic in the cell is damaged the photosynthesis activities cannot be took place and cause the blue green algae cannot live in the water Further experiments also showed that ultrasonic irradiation of blue green algae does not release their toxins into the water environment Therefore this method is more efficiently than other to prevent or slow down the process of Eutrophication

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