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Evaluation is a powerful approach for distinguishing programs and interventions that make a transformation from those that don t It is a powerful force for evolving and adapting sound strategies refining existing programs and demonstrating the outcomes of investments in time and other resources It also helps determine if what is being done is worth the money being spent The method of evaluation that could be performed of this recruitment program in my opinion would be a Summative Evaluation or it could possibly be a formative evaluation A summative evaluation is an evaluation that offers data on a program's efficiency and how well a program is working A formative evaluation assesses a program during the progress stage in order to make early perfections and it also helps refine or improve a program Using either one of these evaluations could possibly provide the chief with a sense of whether or not the program is working or not Each of these programs are designed to determine how well a program is being delivered while also being able to come up with strategies on how to improve the program after the first trial

To perform the evaluations the chief could get officers that work in the department It is important for the officers to be able to get feedback and accept criticism from the students at the college The important strategies that the department and the evaluators need to consider when working closely together would be how to properly and efficiently work together while also having good communication skills Being able to have interpersonal skills would also be a good skill to consider having especially if you are going in front of people to talk and try to recruit them There should be teamwork when planning ways to approach the audience that they are approaching Having a strategy for what type of questions on a survey they will be handing out to the student and having a precise idea of what type of questions they would like to ask the college students Being able to work in teams and work alongside one another should be the most important strategy out of any strategy they come up with They should also have some type of expectations when going into this and once its over see did their expectations come true or not Expectations are the program is intended results 

They describe what the program has to accomplish to be considered successful For example a program s vision mission goals and objectives all represent varying levels of specificity about a program s expectations The department and the evaluators could use the amount of surveys they get back to determine whether or not the program is working They also can take the amount of feedback that they receive from their social media accounts to verify if there has been a decline or rise in the number of new recruits they receive Each goal can be assessed by carefully collecting data from each college and comparing them Also they can check to see if they have any new followers on their social media account or check to see how many new shares they get from posting on social media The program should be described and documented clearly and accurately so that what is being evaluated is clearly identified Also they should gather the feedback needed to improve and be accountable for program effectiveness Lastly improve communications among partners Some of the basic pieces of information the evaluators might need to know before starting the evaluation would be the type of audience they will be presenting to Data from remarks or surveys in an assessment should be suitably and methodically studied so that evaluation questions are effectively answered Also they should set their goals and see if they are accomplished at the end of the evaluation Considering the program that has been described 

There are some disadvantages and or advantages in this program Some of those disadvantages could be that the program is not effective enough and there is not a lot of new recruitment Also if the program wasn t explained correctly then a lot of the college student may not be interested in what is being said to them Some advantages could be that the program was effective and there has been a up rise in the curiosity of potential new recruits Yes I feel my program can be the best choice to use if it is demonstrated and explained correctly by the people who are going to be explaining the program to others Since the department is still using it older method of putting advertisements on the local news and are unsure of whether or not the new recruitment techniques are working they can measure them in different ways to see if they are working The first way they can measure it by taking notes of the college student that they are talking to jotting down whether they are paying attention to you as you speak about the program Also you can check the outcome of the new recruitment technique by seeing if you have new people on your social media also you can see how many surveys you may have gotten back from the college students Since the department has struggled with recruitment of African American officers the department should go out into the black communities and make themselves known be approachable and communicate with them Also they should ask them for their opinions on how could they get more African Americans in the police fields

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