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Every human being is different in the way of thinking feeling behaving and characteristic patterns in other words it is known as personality American Psychology Association 2017 Though many researchers had come up with different theories of personality but the big five personality theory is the one agreed by the majority of psychology researchers The big five theories have categorized people's personalities in five basic dimensions The first trait is openness which describes a person's degree of intellectual curiosity creativity and preference for novelty and variety The second trait is conscientiousness a tendency to show self discipline act dutifully and aim for achievement In other words it also refers to planning organization and dependability Third trait is extraversion describes energy positive emotions assertiveness sociability talkativeness and the tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others Fourthly is agreeableness the tendency to be compassionate and cooperative towards others rather than suspicious and antagonistic The fifth one is neuroticism describes vulnerability to unpleasant emotions like anger anxiety depression or vulnerability Neuroticism also refers to an individual's level of emotional stability and impulse control and is sometimes referred to as emotional stability Hence an individual personality trait has a large potential impact on life so it's important to have a reliable way to conceptualize and measure personality 

According to the big five model theory I am a person high in the trait of openness These characteristic of mine illustrates my receptiveness to change and new ideas focused on tackling new challenges and happy to think about abstract concepts Meanwhile my trait of consciousness is low because I often procrastinate my important task and I m not a careful planner I would like be organized but I usually failed to be one due to lack of self discipline Moreover I am an opposite personality of extroversion since I m quiet reserved introspective and thoughtful Although I m not socially stable and find difficulties in mingling with new peoples as a result of my shyness but I often able to maintain a good relationship with my family and friends by being kind sympathetic cooperative warm and considerable Furthermore I have a low neuroticism personality trait because I often feel confident and sure of myself In the same time I m also brave adventurous and unencumbered by worry or self doubt I feel my ability to is understand and accept others idea and viewpoint a strength of characteristic Besides that since I always wish to be an organized person I often to do things meticulous to the point of perfectionism and though I m procrastinating but I always get job done on time Therefore I might seem to be quiet and slow paced but I am a good listener observant and attuned to the needs of others As a result of these characteristic of mine it usually contributes to a meaningful and intelligent conversations However often strength can be a weakness and vice versa a weakness can be a strength selfish peeps are often to take advantage of my kindness and humbleness by pushing workloads to me in a teamwork As an introvert I have a harder time with spontaneous conversations and small talk as well which leads to false perception of my team members that I m less effective when it comes group discussion and in the same time it also leads to a low mark in my presentation assignments

Therefore because of agreeableness trait is high I often leave the decision making to other colleagues while working in a team this characteristic shows my inability to be a good leader Lastly in my opinion reflecting our personalities is significant of our existence I took a personality test recently and surprisingly found out that I am The Defender ISFJ Moreover while writing this essay I could able to find out who am I what are my strengths weakness value hopes loves hates and habits that makes me liked and hated by others Similarly I have also discovered that carrier success would be critical to my personality since being high in agreeableness and low in extraversion trait can lead to inefficiency of workplace so to be able to succeed in the 21st century I should develop my limitation of personalities First of all I have to learn to say NO be tough and objective to people especially when I feel their perspective idea or decisions are inefficient because it could be unethical decision when I support others idea for the sake of avoiding conflicts Other than that I should improve my self discipline since majority people agrees that successful people are usually have high conscientiousness trait In my perspective leaders are not always successful but their personality can be a good mechanism to determine the likelihood of success in the future

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