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Every year millions of people around the world die from tobacco use and yet we continue to witness people gradually develop an unhealthy relationship with it People seem to not comprehend nor take into deep consideration the repercussions of tobacco Two of the most common diseases that develop because of tobacco use are heart disease and lung cancer Not only can these diseases develop in those that use tobacco but also in those that are exposed to secondhand smoke Secondhand smoke is almost impossible to avoid because most exposure takes place in the home workplace as well as public locations These chronic diseases are the result of those that use tobacco and those that are exposed to it These diseases may lead to possible death nevertheless people continue to spend billions of dollars on tobacco yearly Unfortunately by the time I ve completed delivering this brief introduction ten people have died from a tobacco related disease I sincerely hope to expose the fallout of tobacco use by the end of this speech delivery One of the leading diseases that a person who regularly uses tobacco can develop is heart disease Heart disease is typically interpreted as blocked blood vessels which can lead to stroke or heart attack Not only are your chances of dying increased when suffering from heart disease but you will also experience chest pain shortness of breath nausea and dizziness According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute any amount of smoking whether it be daily or even occasionally damages your heart and blood vessels Hearts and blood vessels that cannot be replaced nor restored back to normal health Another disease caused by tobacco use is lung cancer Lung cancer is one of the highest ranked diseases as a result from tobacco use Lung cancer is the development of abnormal cells which will eventually progress into tumors

Some of the effects of being diagnosed with lung cancer include trouble swallowing back pain shoulder pain chest pain severe cough and coughing up blood According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eighty to ninety percent of lung cancer diagnoses are connected to smoking That only leaves twenty to ten percent of these diagnoses that are unrelated to tobacco use I consider this situation as nothing less than an uncontrollable addiction An addiction that requires immediate assistance Diseases provoked by tobacco use are not only killing many but they re affecting the health of nonsmokers Second hand smoke is inhaled unintentionally from tobacco that is being smoked by others Exposure to secondhand smoke even a compressed amount is damaging to your health Some may argue that they don t smoke in front of their children or others inside their homes Smoking outdoors doesn t make it any less harmful because there s still exposure to those around them Thousands of adults and children are exposed to secondhand smoke causing respiratory issues and death The American Lung Association states that Secondhand smoke is responsible for between one hundred and fifty thousand and three hundred thousand lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children under eighteen months of age Second hand smoking causes forty one thousand deaths to occur each year according to the American Lung Association This makes you wonder why in the world any person would choose to smoke knowing they re destroying the health of others and unfortunately children Second hand smoke and tobacco use are not only taking lives but they re taking peoples money as well How much does an average box of cigarettes cost 

A generic box of cigarettes can range from five to ten dollars not including tax That s approximately hundred fifty to three hundred dollars a month spent on cigarettes Regardless of how damaging this is to a tobacco consumers bank account they continue to inhale the cloudy fumes that flood their lungs with unknown compounds According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Americans are spending eighty billion on cigarettes each year This is money down the drain money put into a habit that causes deadly diseases Take it upon yourself to visualize how much money you can save by not smoking for a single week That s approximately thirty five to seventy dollars recovered from not purchasing a box of cigarettes everyday No one should sign their death warrant to pay for something that s filling up their bodies and others with nothing but thousands of harmful toxins The number of tobacco users that are dying each year is outrageously high still more people continue to choose a lifestyle involving tobacco The tobacco related diseases that I previously mentioned above are essentially robbing people of a longer life Furthermore tobacco users are making their addiction their main priority instead of considering others well beings Does spending money on something that will ultimately deteriorate your health sound appealing Despite all the facts I ve stated you still reach for the lighter you still reach for the cigarette you still inhale and you still waste the money I ll leave you all with this don t take the bait because before you know it it will be too late

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