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In modern era many continue to push forth the ideal that everyone deserves basic human rights regardless of their physical appearance or their origins The creature in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 1818 had unordinary origins which influenced his character and relationships he developed with others In his case the creature's physical deformities caused him to initially be rejected by his creator Victor Frankenstein and other people he encountered who would only see a surface unpleasant to the eye As the story unfolds Shelley develops the timeless message that everyone deserves to satisfy the yearning necessity for companionship and happiness despite one s beginnings in the world lest they risk losing their humanity Frankenstein the creature demonstrates on several occasions his ability to feel in the same way as humans and other living beings can feel Frankenstein is brought to solitude after his creator Doctor Frankenstein abandons him for the aesthetically unpleasant outcome of his work Shelley 35 36 Unlike a parent to a child the doctor abandons Frankenstein an equivalent of his child which foretells Frankenstein s connections towards all human life New to the world and alone to discover it for what it is with only intuition and humane desires to navigate him Frankenstein encounters a cottage family in the woods As time progresses Frankenstein observes the family s struggles derived from their poverty for example at times the young cottagers would deprive themselves of meals and endure the pain of hunger in order to ensure that their old father would not go hungry Shelley 78 Frankenstein recalls

This trait of kindness moved me sensibly Shelley 78 As Frankenstein observes the family members interact with each other he proves that despite the unordinary circumstance of his birth he is no different from humans in the sense that he himself carries a heart one that is able to recognize compassion and kindness It becomes evident that Frankenstein recognizes that he is physically different from other humans and lacks humane experiences yet the desire to assimilate with humans lifestyles is persistent within him Despite having had a negative interaction with the first person he met Frankenstein addresses the cottagers with an open mind willing to discover that there is more good than evil in humankind Frankenstein being moved after witnessing kindness demonstrates that he too has the common humane hope to interact in kindness Frankenstein s relationships or rather the lack thereof support the concept of the novel that everyone deserves companionship and happiness Yearning for companionship Frankenstein orders his creator You must create a female for me Shelley 104 By demanding a partner with a similar physique as himself Frankenstein is truly asking for another individual that will accept him and his physical appearance Understanding is another humane desire that Frankenstein seeks an understanding which he shows to believe will only be developed by sharing similar backgrounds Frankenstein continues by demanding a companion with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being Shelley 104 Companionship and understanding are sympathies or humane desires Frankenstein seeks in a partner 

Frankenstein expresses that these are crucial for his being and would satisfy the need for any other relationships throughout his life Frankenstein educates that all beings are born with a desire for companionship and of the happiness that derives from such relationships arguing that all should have the right to satisfy these needs regardless of background As Frankenstein finds himself rejected over and over again there is an underlying perilous risk that he will lose his humanity and turn towards evil Upon requesting a partner to fulfill his need for companionship Frankenstein argues I am malicious because I am miserable Am I not shunned and hated by all mankind Shelley 104 Frankenstein pinpoints the root of his evilness to the vicious rejection by the cottage family once he attempted to directly communicate with them Shelley 97 the rejection he faced by his own creator as well as other encounters with humans lead to a clear conclusion he is despised by all Time after time Frankenstein is shunned away when he begins to approach other beings making it impossible to find a companion Frankenstein's lack of fulfilling his humane desires leads him to begin losing his humanity

The decay of his humanity is demonstrated through his evil deeds such as when he murders William Shelley 102 103 exclaiming my enemy is not invulnerable this death will carry despair to him Shelley 102 Frankenstein s kindness is corrupted He contradicts his earlier wish to connect with other beings and instead murders one in a wicked act of revenge one after another Frankenstein s confirmed humanity found earlier in the story disintegrates when he fails to suffice his need for human interaction with an understanding for his being As a consequence of his vengeful acts he impacts the humanness of those he seeks revenge for causing the deterioration of their humanity as well Frankenstein is an example of the importance for all those who feel to fulfill their necessity for companionship and happiness Although Doctor Frankenstein's creation was born under unusual circumstances Frankenstein proves his ability to feel and his need find understanding for his character in other beings When he fails to achieve this understanding in a partner who share physical traits with him Frankenstein's humanity begins to deteriorate depreciation the humaneness of his character and of those around him Shelley s timeless message of everyone deservance of kindness companionship and happiness to preserve their humanity is developed in her novel Frankenstein

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