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The purpose of ethical computing is that when computers first were created a fear was also created and thought a computer is going to be used in the wrong ways Herold 2006 As a company we strive to always be ethical while using our computers While using the company devices that are provided there is a strict policy of what can and can not be done on them Explain plagiarism and copyright Plagiarism is stealing another author's work without giving credit Plagiarism is not to be taken lightly the consequences can be a bad reputation fines and possibly time in prison Copyright is a type of security in the U S Constitution and granted by law for original works U S Copyright Office n d which can protect unpublished and published work What is the difference between the two Plagiarism is taking credit for work that you did not create It is also considered plagiarism if when using it you did not have the necessary acknowledgment within the paper article or book Midgley 2018 As for copyright infringement that is using someone else work without permission Midgley 2018 For example if an individual uses a song in a music video without the artist's or company's knowledge that is a violation of copyright and it is highly discriminated How do you know if you are plagiarizing or violating copyright One of the easiest and safest ways to ensure you are not is to always find out how to properly give credit to the individual that created the work by using a citation It is beneficial to have at least the name the year it was published and if available the URL By doing those simple things it is very easy to ensure there is no plagiarism Research plagiarism and find an example of plagiarism that was in the news 

On January 12 2018 there was an article written by Lizzie Crocker She was employed at The Daily Beast and wrote an article which she ended up losing her job and reputation Miller 2018 Crocker s article was about an article written in the Standard by Alice Lloyd the article was focused on certain male journalists which were supposedly involved in sexual misconduct While writing this article she had copied and pasted multiple paragraphs from it Hasson 2018 Explain copyleft Copyleft is part of copyright however it applies to open source software Copyleft is most common with putting restrictions when redistributing the open source software It happens when an individual makes modifications to an open source program restricting its ability to view and modify the code Cotton 2016 Explain software piracy What are the penalties Software piracy is when an individual illegally copies and redistributes the copyrighted software without permission from the copyright holder The Software Alliance 2018 The penalties of software piracy can vary depending between different cases For the first offense it can lead to five years in prison with a fine of 250 000 Government Laws and Regulations n d Sharing an Internet connection What are the penalties Sharing an internet connection is not entirely illegal if the individual has asked permission Depending on the contract that you are signed up for it will not allow an individual to share an internet connection 

However if an individual connects to a neighbor s unlocked Wi Fi network is illegal it is considered stealing because they are paying for it Explain ethical issues related to using social media There are many ethical issues while using social media One of them is that employees can release non public information to the public It also can compromise the privacy of a company s consumers if there is sensitive information talked about Vinjamuri 2011 Give a specific example where an employee was terminated due to actions on social media One of the main reasons for employees getting terminated due to actions on social media is for talking badly about customers or other coworkers In 2010 a woman named Ashley Johnson got fired for her job for making discouraging remarks about a customer Spors 2015 She was a waitress at a pizza place and was voicing her opinion about a tip that she had gotten Explain an employer's legal right to review your activities using their technology Give specific examples where the law has been upheld or applied An employer is within their legal rights to monitor all devices used on the network

They can also monitor devices even if they are not provided by the company The devices provided by employers can be monitored at any time whether or not they are on a company network Keylogging A keylogger is a type of software that can track the keys that are hit on the keyboard It is discreet about the tracking usually it is hard to tell if there is a keylogger on a computer or mobile device McAfee 2013 That being said keylogging is not illegal as long as it is not used for criminal activities Reading emails Today almost every employer will monitor the emails of their employees to ensure their employees are acting appropriately Company email accounts are able to be monitored without notice However the company cannot monitor an employees email for no reason there has to be a valid reason for it Guerin n d Monitoring Internet usage sites visited Employers are allowed to use software that allows them to view what is on screen or on the hard drive of employee computers They are also within their legal rights to monitor emails idle time and the number of keystrokes each employee is performing Privacy Rights Clearinghouse 2017 Monitoring the internet usage and sites that are visited will help keep employees accountable for their actions

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