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Introduction Some researchers tend to identify the factors behind the critical success for small businesses According to Castragiovanni 1996 there is a little research which has specifically looked at factors dealing with small business survival Shonesy Gulbro 2004 This research has begun to enrich the study regarding to why small businesses succeed particularly the internet cafes that increase dramatically in our country Filipinos tend to make their own business because they hold their own time and money They don t have a boss to guard their work or to tell them what to do Managing a business is a difficult thing especially when risks are everywhere The researchers conducted this study to thoroughly understand why internet cafes prevail despite of the great competition and the rapid growth of technology An internet cafe is a business that provides computer softwares and public internet with a time based limit in accordance to the customers needs Internet cafes are commonly set up like a computer lab and are geared with fast internet service access for surfing and gaming The internet cafe s growth in the Philippine Industry have been an up and down scale since the early 2000 Olandres 2008 Year 2005 is the peak spot of its growth This is when social media and surfing sites started to be known and use by the people Internet cafes have transformed from an obviously educational business model to its current computer uses 

Due to the appearance of more convenient internet access the number of people who uses internet cafes started to fall down in 2009 Through the past years it is widely relevant to recognize the best ways to cope with the continuous increase of challenges and risks of internet cafes Some of these includes privacy performance comfort and convenience However although these risks associated with internet cafes have continued to prevail some internet cafe owners have managed to regulate their business The potential of setting up an Internet Café in the Philippines was huge because of the low number of people who has access to the internet About 9 of the total population has access while the 91 left or 79 2 million people were the huge market for this kind of business Yahoo Nielsen 2009 During this year internet access was scarce When compared to the current rate the once huge market have decreased to almost half of the population According to the statistics more than half of the Filipinos have access to the internet To be more accurate 58 of the total population does have access which is higher than the rate of other countries such as China and Vietnam Rappler 2017 From January 2016 to January 2017 the number of internet users have increased by 27 or 13 million This implies that about 60 of the population has access to the internet based on Entrepreneur Philippines Calculation Subido 2017 The data given by these two websites for this year's number of people with internet access are close 

The main point is that after a year the number increased It means that more people now have internet access where they could either play or search With the increase number of people who has the availability of internet there should be some decrease to the number of people who goes to Internet Cafés The demand for computers have declined due to the rise of mobile internet for browsing the net People can now surf the net in no time by acquiring postpaid or prepaid plan from their mobile carriers Additionally establishments are also offering free wifi hotspots which lead to the decrease of demand for renting computers Figueroa n d This further proves that internet cafes aren't always that successful which gives the researchers the more reason to know what specific technological risk management the successful ones implemented to stay open Technological risks are the hazards brought upon by technology such as malwares or virus due to unsecured connection or system 

Electronic machines and gadgets like computers and smartphones are usually the ones affected by these technological risks Since computers are the main components of an Internet Cafe business this means that this type of business is highly susceptible to the said risks This motivated the researchers to learn more about the management of these risks implemented by the cafe owners In relation to internet cafes a study by Indarti 2004 from Indonesia states that business success is positively connected to favorable business location A regression analysis in the study showed that there are factors that affects the business success in a positive and negative direction The study only focused on the success of internet cafes based on their location not on how tey will manage the risks that this kind of business faces Another study by Stupka et al 2017 propose best methods and level of personal data processing essential for efficient use of security alert sharing platform which would be lawfully amenable and would lead to proper balance between risks by examining the general data protection regulation GDPR relevant case law and the Article 29 Working Party Security of personal informations in sharing platforms is the main topic of this study It talks about the need to identify and manage cyber security incidents and not technological risks In relation to other studies the researchers found no existing researches relevant to the cities in Metro Manila specifically in Taguig City However what we found was conducted in Tuguegarao Philippines De Leon 2007 studied about internet users behavior and worldviews are affected by the internet Along with that is their internet usage

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