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Purpose The purpose of this writing is to identify and conclude the factors that influenced healthcare services and system In addition to know more about the healthcare services and system in Cleveland based on the particular factors 1 2 Background This part contents the background of Cleveland and Health Care Service and System 1 2 1 Background of Cleveland The healthcare services and system in Cleveland provides a good quality to their patients by their healthcare providers Cleveland is one of the cities located in Ohio in the United States of America The city has a population of 388072 in the year of 2015 based on internet reference The Cleveland s healthcare infrastructure has developed a lot until now without exact year of the changes started They are still enhancing their services and system even though they had received many awards Cleveland is also known as a city that consists of lot of hospitals with great system The increases of population and financial resources are the main factor the city has developed and improving till today in healthcare industry 

This is to ensure their patients or clients are provided a good quality of services and system in healthcare Many physicians have contributed to this improvement and development Cleveland has highlighted primary care as the main factor to improve their healthcare services and system Cleveland provides a good quality of primary care They're able to develop their primary care so that the public will experience a good quality of healthcare services and also system They have also opened more primary care and hospitals They focus in opening more primary cares so that the general practitioner will provide a good quality of services and system to their public This may not drag the patients to go to hospitals to get treatment or for diagnosis There is a lot of well known healthcare system in Cleveland The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is owned by this city This foundation is supplemented by University Hospital and also Rainbow Babies Children's Hospitals This foundation has contributed to improve their healthcare services and system This collaboration funded a lot to enhance their services and system they focus on all the healthcare system in their country In addition this city also operates the first level of trauma center in northeast Ohio This has contributed to enhance the improvement of their healthcare services and system in their country The service and system not only focuses on injured victims The Cleveland Clinic connected to the overall healthcare services and system because the other healthcare system collaborates with them to provide a good quality of services and system and serve their public

The Cleveland Clinic is known as the parent organization of their health system They have defined their health system consists of an academic medical center community hospitals family health centers various ancillary services and a large group of physicians and also physician researches In the year of 1980 s the Cleveland Clinic Foundation decided to improve their healthcare system As a result of the decision making was the Quality Institute which has been opened by the Cleveland Clinic Health System CCHS in 1998 This institute has founded to identify the degree and continuously been provided to their patients in CCHS The data that been analyzed and conclude the levels of their quality based on the expectation level The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization JCAHO has accredited CCHS as the first health system in 1999 Meanwhile in 2001 they received an award for its initiative to improve the use of ACE inhibitors drug used primarily for the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure Next in 2003 for a stroke quality improvement program and many more awards for the improvements and efforts in providing a good quality of healthcare services and system 1 2 2 Definition of health care system As mentioned earlier health care system is vital in providing a good quality of services and system to their patients

That will lead the healthcare providers to satisfy the patients expectations Every each word has defined separately to have better understanding Health is defined a state of complete physical mental and social well being and also with the absence of disease For example an individual who is stable without any disease or illness is in good health Meanwhile a person who is physically in good health but mentally ill is not described as above Also an individual who is stable in both physical and mental but not social is also not in this category Every individual health is in different level We can compare an individual based on the health factor Care is define as a state of protection or a person look after another person when someone with anxiety worry serious illness and attention to be given This is a state how a person shows their concern to another person when that person really need some moral support to survive System is defined as the complex of the whole set of the connected things of health and care This shows how organized is the healthcare system is They accomplish their duty in order with a structure which is very important in health care to prevent errors to happen during patients diagnosis process

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