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According to the Oxford Dictionary fashion is a noun and it means A popular or the latest style of clothing hair decoration or behavior Be that as It may I believe there is more to fashion rather than the models clothing and runway fashion shows in which people seem to think about when the word fashion is brought upon Raf Simons who is one of the most prominent clothing designers of this generation once said I don t want to show clothes I want to show my attitude my past present and future I use memories and future visions and try to place them in today s world The influential designer is articulating how he uses clothing to bring past and present ideas to fruition To completely grasp what fashion means one must understand the multitude of factors that influence fashion whether that be social trends or the media itself Fashion can be used as an outlet for self expression that ultimately reveals the character and personality of a person It promotes individuality self expression self confidence and will continue to evolve Fashion is eternal Everyone has a distinct sense of fashion and is entitled to express themselves in whatever way they feel like Inspiration can be found through hobbies music and other people It can be seen as a form of communication where people are able to convey how they feel and show their interests People incorporate their own life experiences and beliefs through fashion since it is a part of their everyday life Two factors that directly impact fashion as a whole today are trends and the media Most people tend to adhere to what is popular in society so if a specific trend is popular people will try to include it in their lifestyle 

Another factor that influences fashion greatly is the media Whenever you see a certain celebrity or popular figure wear something different people tend to take inspiration from that and want to copy that style since they deem it to be fashionable The media narrows down the perspective of people in the way that they try to form what is okay to wear and what isn t okay to wear True fashion shouldn t come from other people but should derive from what your own mind and body like Fashion isn t when you own a five thousand dollar suit or a 900 dollar Gucci belt but it is rather when you have your own interests as an individual which you represent and reflect the way you feel best fits If you are comfortable and confident in what you exhibit that is fashion itself Like most good things in the world there aren t only positive benefits that come from fashion One negative benefit that results from fashion is the usage of stereotypes They re many stereotypes today that prevent one from being able to fully express themselves Some common stereotypes that I find are prevalent in this current society are nerdy preppy weird and emo Take for example if you recognize a person in today s world who is wearing an all black outfit amidst people who are wearing normal outfits one may make the assumption that person is emo or goth As horrible as this may seem this is the reality of how people continuously conform to the stylistic views of other people and the media Stereotypes characterize people and their personalities in a cynical way Nowadays it is so customary for people being judged by the clothing they wear it interferes with self expression and confidence 

The reason why I believe fashion is important and goes beyond clothes and art is because it is an outlet for people to express their true character Fashion allows one to praise themselves through individuality and exerts creativity through clothing People can elucidate their feelings through what they present and do not have to resort to violent or negative actions Fashion allows the individual to acknowledge and praise diversity Fashion will continuously evolve The sole reason why it continues to change and advance is because the new replaces the old This is quite evident if you trace back fashion in history You really don t see the popular bell bottomed blue jeans of the 60s and 70s worn today but you see ripped and distressed jeans which tends to be frowned upon by older people As time progresses people want to attain a new angle on fashion and want to introduce new looks to sustain popularity Fashion has always categorized a variety of groups in society Through brand name clothing and more luxurious clothing people have established distinctions in the past and present It should be clear in society and to the individual that it is ok to maintain your own fashionable style that pertains to yourself because believe that is true fashion People should continuously thrive to form their own personal style and mindset that doesn t conform to the likes of others As Gianni Versace once said Don t be into trends Don t make fashion own you but you decide what you are what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live Fashion shouldn t control the individual A true fashionista will shape the world a more creative place by refining their own mind and using fashion as an outlet for self expression

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