Essay Example on Fear of the depletion of the Earth's Resources








With an increased demand for natural resources and high electrical needs the fear of the depletion of the Earth's resources and the increase in greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions has pathed the way for the search for alternate forms of energy Clean renewable energy is the way of the future One idea that is highly intriguing is the use of exercise equipment The basic idea is that cardio exercise machines such an elliptical and bicycle machines will generate power through the use of an attached generator The energy produced will be able to power many things around the average home from appliances to lighting To start I would like to go over the machines that would be able to make this possible In 1999 a patent was issued to James P Gagne for the Pedal operated power generating system

The device is pretty straight forward It is very similar to a spinning bike found at any local gym The difference with this device however is that a generator is attached which is adapted for coupling to the exercise device The generator produces electricity when the exercise device rotates a drive wheel of the generator There are electrical connectors adapted for coupling with external electrical devices such as a television set for example The goal for this device would be to mass produce it on a large scale and have many other different types of exercise equipment fitted with the same type of generator If every local gym was using this type of technology carbon emissions would definitely decrease at the least the power bill would decline The machines used to produce electricity can be costly A company called SportsArt produce machines that cost in a range from between 2 795 and 7 395 list before bulk discounts However the cost of electric that would be used to sustain a gym would decrease and over the time the machines could potentially pay for themselves An example of how much power these machines can produce in an average gym is shown in a local gym in Sacramento California

The gym offers three 45 minute cycle classes a day for 12 people Each class is estimated to produce a surplus between 400 and 800 watts during that period as long as everybody puts in similar effort That would be almost enough to cover the coffee machine two LED TVs and two laptops Though this may not seem like a lot of power output in the short term the overall yearly expenses will have a noticeable decrease In turn each facility that implements these types of machines in their gyms will have a profound impact on carbon emissions as a whole Another benefit to the use of exercise equipment to produce energy is that it will allow people to exercise in order to power things So people will get in shape and exercise to power household objects that they normally use This is best seen in a patent filled in 1980 for a television set energized by exercise cycle The intention of this design is to get children to spend more time moving around and exercising instead of lounging in front of the television all day The idea is that children would have to exercise on the machine in order to power the television so the powered television would act as somewhat as a reward after they have done their exercise In theory this could be applied to everyone and can power other things instead of television sets

Think of a world where everyone wakes up in the morning and does 45 minutes of exercise than heads over to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee that was just powered with electricity from the earlier exercise People would be getting into shape saving money and reducing our planets carbon footprint all at the same time In conclusion exercise equipment can be used to generate power This is done by the machines turning a generator which powers it and in turn powers electrical devices The cost for these machines are slightly high but overtime with reduced electrical expenses the initial expenses are justified People will be convinced to exercise more and live healthier lives The benefits are highly intriguing We could all live in a world where people are living healthier lives because they will be exercising in the machines and also because overall carbon emissions will be decreased providing for a healthier planet If every gym in the United States decided to replace their machines with power generating machines power cost will be greatly reduced The country would be getting power from a source that already being implemented people are already going to the gym and using exercise machines it just makes sense to slap on a generator and pump power out of them

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