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Final Exam My perspective on the History of Feminist Movement has broadened my perspectives on the history of the women who stood before me The History of the Feminist Movement is truly eventfully and to learn about the Enlightenment Liberal Feminism Cultural Feminism and The Suffrage Movement The History of Feminist Movement did not change my perspective on how I saw feminism but it has broadened my horizons because I did not realize how much dedication and compassion these women gave in order to change the outlook on women for women The Enlightenment Liberal Feminism was the first wave of the women s movement This began with the Natural Rights Theory which is a theory stating that some things are just God given and cannot be taken away from that person Liberal Feminism sparked the light in women s eyes and they wanted the same opportunities as the men The Natural Rights Theory helped me realize that men were protecting themselves for the longest and excluding women from this protection Cultural Feminism was the second wave of the women s movement This type of feminism was brought on by Charlotte Pekins Gilman Charlotte with her book called Herland challenged the culture aspect of society Herland challenged the structure of our society stating that something is wrong and the natural rights mothers have been special cultural abilities which make them better people Charlotte was not wrong something was and still is wrong with our society and the way how gender is socially constructed When we say men man manly manhood and all the other masculine derivatives we have in the background of our minds a huge vague crowded picture of the world and all its activities 

And when we say women we think female the sex But to these women the word woman called up all that big background so far as they had gone in social development and the word man meant to them only male the sex Herland ch 12 When reading parts of Herland I realized that Charlotte wanted people to recognize that women can do more than what men portrayed them to be just domestic beings The Suffrage Movement was something women and some men were waiting for the longest this was the third wave of the women s movement The Suffrage Movement was confirmation that women can make a difference even if it takes patience like no other Susan B Anthony had a big role in this movement She was not allowed to speak on the behalf of women at the Temperance Meeting But the Declaration of Sentiments was promoted by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and this was a documentation with men and women signatures asking to be equality Finally after years of determination women finally got the right to vote this excluded African Americans until later The suffrage movement broaden my perspective on the history of feminist movement because it shows with determination and making the issue nationally known you can achieve something big ESSAY 

2 The inequalities in the workplace are still issues women deal with today society There are many types of inequalities in the workplace such as gender discrimination harassment and the Equal Pay Act Women have made so much progress over the past 60 years From being only caretakers and not being able to vote To now being able to go to college and have a career Even though we have made these progressions there are still some ways people like to hold us back and do not want us to progress any further Gender Discrimination is a form of gender inequality which is unfair treatment based on your gender or solely All genders must be treated equally in the workplace there should not be any gender biases But even though there are laws in place to defend the one being discriminated against sometimes it is hard for that person to speak up Say someone is about to get promoted at your job and it is between you and a man and you are overqualified for this position and has done everything in your ability to land this position But your boss decides to give the position to your competitor just because he is a man and your boss says that position was not meant for a woman 

That is a great example of discrimination in the workplace Harassment is another form of inequality this includes sexual harassment and bullying This is a situation that is sometimes overlooked and is kept under wraps Promises of benefits made to an employee by someone higher in position in returns for uncomfortable favors There is a higher percentage that a woman will be harassed in the workplace compared to a man They assume women are more venerable to talking and are more accepting In Lecture Professor stated that Gloria Steinem describes an environment where there were no words for sexual harassment It was just called life something that horrifying should be dealt with and not just something that is acceptable not only in the workplace but anywhere on earth The Equal Pay Act that was passed in 1963 prohibits wage inequality based on gender This disqualifies the employer to pay different genders different wages for the same job task But on average women working full time earn 78 cents for every dollar a man may earn This type of inequality has been happening for a great amount of time But the gender wage gap in the United States is lower than any other countries the United States still has not made any attempts to improve this gender gap since the mid 1900 s

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