Essay Example on Finding a flawless way to stop drug use among high Schoolers









English Final Notes Finding a flawless way to stop drug use among high schoolers is a lost cause due to the many loopholes and defects Drug testing students is expensive and the funds could be better used elsewhere and because students are minors drug testing would not be effective because a lot of families would not consent and the process of getting laws passed that allows for testing would be a hassle Drug tests are not always accurate and are very easy to bypass Drug tests in schools are mostly urine tests which if you research it there are plenty of ways to pass them also for a common substance THC only shows up for around three days in urine test considering marijuana is not addictive many students will not use it every day and there is a great chance that the students will not have a positive reading on their testing even if they have ingested marijuana recently Drug tests can not test for the most accessible legal for adults in every state drugs which are alcohol and nicotine the most popular drugs among high school students because it can maybe get you a ticket but if its not used on school grounds probably nothing will happen to the students who use them 

According to the Washington Post With school drug tests costing about 24 a pop according to Dr Sharon Levy of the American Academy of Pediatrics that works out to about 20 000 per year That would be the cost for 80 students a month The cost is outstanding and not all kids do drugs so a lot of the tests would be a waste of money The cost of drug tests is not worth it because catching kids doing drugs is not going to stop them most of the time parents catch their kids before the school if they do ever would catch them The Washington Post s study states Sharon Levy of the AAP estimates that it costs 3 000 for each positive test or about 1 positive for every 125 students tested Because not many students use drugs or if they do there is a chance that they haven't in a the urine test period all the money used on other students will end up going to the few they catch The Fourth Amendment on the Constitution of the United States of America states The right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause supported by Oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized A drug test without probable cause breaks the fourth amendment therefore it would be a good choice for parents to deny these random drug tests because if you can break this amendment why can't you break them all and our country would go downhill A study recorded by slate com done by Michigan College Students states there was no statistically significant difference in the number of users at a school that tested for drugs and a similar school that didn t This makes a lot of sense because most kids who do drugs probably do not care about getting caught and even if they do get caught they probably still wouldn't stop 

Most schools don't even help kids get off the drugs they just punish them There are very few high schoolers who actually do drugs and having kids who would never do drugs is just wrong Some schools are reported to come into a classroom in the middle of class and get students for a random drug test the intent is so that the students cannot take something to pass the test These students miss quality learning time and can get their reputation ruined in front of other students Schools tend to get into students lives too much in most states schools have no authority to punish students for drug use alcohol drinking or most crimes unless it was used on school property Schools are allowed to report it to the police but many suspend kids but in the past parents have taken schools to court for expelling students for out of school activity Students are no different than non criminal civilians therefore why would students get drug tested more than everyday people

Police do not just go around the streets and randomly drug test people walking It is not a crime to be high or even have drugs in your system it's only illegal to have drugs in your possession or sell them Why should schools be able to do more than the police can A blood test is the only uncheatable way to take a drug test but it is very expensive and very timely According to Next Generation Village positive results are false up to 10 percent of the time while negative results are false up to 15 percent of the time This does not include bodily failures this is only the test failure There are many foods that can tamper with the test like poppy seeds help mild and hemp seeds If the students take any prescription pills diet pills or allergy pills the drug test would show positive for an illicit drug

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