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Firm age and innovation Industrial and Corporate Change 17 5 1019 1047 This journal article demonstrates the relationship between firm age and innovation of the organization It identifies the impact on the company's performance The researcher s sample is the registered companies in the USA One conclusion is that firm age has a significant effect with the innovation However a negative relationship finds the firm age and quality of innovation in their studies Durand R and R Coeurderoy 2001 Age order of entry strategic orientation and organizational performance Journal of Business Venturing 16 5 471 494 In this journal article provides relationship between firm age and performance They use three strategies to measure the impact of firm age According to this article the earlier enter firms have a strong share market But younger firms can t get high market position quickly Therefore order companies can increase their financial performance than younger companies Huergo E and J Jaumandreu 2004 How does probability of innovation change with firm age Small Business Economics 22 3 193 207

Older companies often introduce innovation than younger companies They can do research and development easily Therefore they can increase their performance When the company introduces innovations the risk increases Most probably ability of face the risk is better older companies than younger companies Hui H et al 2013 The impact of firm age and size on the relationship among organizational innovation learning and performance A moderation analysis in Asian food manufacturing companies The organization s age is important to gain efficient and effective market information New ideas come from internal and external suppliers customers and other stakeholders Therefore it takes a long time for young companies to make this connection Order firms can make this connection easier Experience can make order companies more efficient in their operations Therefore they can maintain their financial performance in a better position Kipesha E F 2013 Impact of size and age on firm performance evidences from microfinance institutions in Tanzania The old firms are lower in line with the organizational hardness More cost slower growth and aging are more efficient than the level of their industry Decrease assets research and developments and investments The number of staff members is negatively linked to the profitability and sustainability of the company Based on the company's age they have a positive relationship among the performance sustainability and financial revenue of the company But there is a negative relationship with profitability LiPuma J A et al 2013 The effect of institutional quality on firm export performance in emerging economies a contingency model of firm age and size Small Business Economics 40 4 817 841 This journal article provides relation between firm age and company quality performance It is hard for new institutions to stabilize economically

This research focuses on export performance It is difficult for new firms to increase their export performance Because export performance requires a lot of experience They have old companies Therefore export performance can increase older companies Loderer C F and U Waelchli 2010 Firm age and performance There is a negative link between the introduction of innovations and the company's profitability By the age of the organization it is easier to introduce an invention In the introduction of innovation the inverse relationship occurs between the profitability and the company's ages There is one contention that there is an inverse relationship between the organization's age and ownership But there is a principle that there is a positive relationship between ownership and profitability Therefore finally argument is a negative relation between firm age and profitability Lundvall K and G E Battese 2000 Firm size age and efficiency evidence from Kenyan manufacturing firms The journal of development studies 36 3 146 163 There is a positive relationship among firm age size and efficiency 

However some analysis provides negative relationship Majumdar S K 1997 The impact of size and age on firm level performance some evidence from India Review of industrial organization 12 2 231 241 In this article provides how to effect firm age and size on the level productivity and performance To do this the researcher uses data from 103 institutions in India Especially when they were selected companies they consider about low productivity high performance high productivity low performance companies Finally they decided there is a negative relationship between productivity and performance And also there is a positive relationship between productivity and firm age Pehrsson A 2014 Firms customer responsiveness and performance the moderating roles of dyadic competition and firm s age Journal of Business Industrial Marketing 29 1 34 44 Efficiency of a variety of strategy depends on the capability of the industrial company to maintain its distinctiveness compared to the competitors who value An older company finds it hard to emphasize the strategic characteristics more than the ones emphasized by the main competitor As a result the company's customer response strategy is more unique and difficult to obtain competitive advantages

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